Join the WWE and become a professional boxer. Train, fight, win and climb the ladder of success. In Championship Boxing Manager you can take your fighter through a training schedule and then into the ring to battle against the sport’s best. Build up your boxer’s abilities to the next level, conquer your opponents, and become a champion!
The World Championship Boxing Manager is a deep, detailed sports management simulation that puts you in control of a stable of boxers vying for Area, National, and World titles. From scouting and developing fighters to staying one step ahead of competing managers, conquering the boxing world is a compelling challenge in this groundbreaking game that still stands out in its genre.
Design boxers’ training regimens to get their skills and physique in fighting shape
Negotiate with managers and promoters to secure bouts against rated boxers with good prize payouts
Every boxer is different: choose their tactics based on individual strengths and weaknesses, then find the right opponents for each
Coach boxers through fights round-by-round as the match unfolds, ensuring they outmatch their opponent and impress the judges that decide the victor
Keep your fighters healthy, motivated, and winning the right matches to ascend to champions of the world.

Publisher Description

My Life as a King () is a mix between Kingdom CEO, Kingdom Rush and King of Thieves.
Your destiny is in your hands. You will be the ruler of a mythical kingdom.
During your lifetime, you will explore new lands, meet wondrous characters and help them with vital quests.
But don’t expect to play only, your job is far from it! You will be managing multiple lands and their economy, recruiting famous heroes to help you on your journey.
And as your castles, cities and ports grow bigger, you will be preparing for countless battles.

Gaming app that offers an innovative and original way to play with your friends and family.
– 2 Game Modes
– Classic Game
– Story Game
– Local Game
– Private Game

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– Two Game Modes
– The classic mode where you can play against your friends
– The story mode where you play against the AI

There is a specific time limit for each game.

– Your key is used on the following devices:
Mobile: iOS
Tablet: iPad


Features Key:

  • Play the pro’s!
  • Stylish graphics & animations
  • Create your own road to victory!
  • Psychopath trainer
  • Challenging challengers
  • Fight for the big titles.
  • Challenge your manager
  • A realistic boxing gym to train & manage your fighters!
  • Boxer management system for professional & amateurs
  • Simple yet powerful management tools.

World Championship Boxing Manager™ Game details:

  • Game Name:
  • World Championship Boxing Manager™
  • Genre:
  • Sport,
  • Strategy
  • Playstore link:
  • Google Play link:
  • App Store link:
  • Developer:
  • Gus Milano.
  • EUR:
  • USD:
  • PKR:
  • Rating:
  • 400-500 Ratings:
  • App Size:
  • 22 MB (Game Screenshot).
  • Last Updated:
  • 2017-10-14.


World Championship Boxing Manager™ Crack Keygen Full Version

Are you a boxing fan? Does your heart beat with the rhythm of the punches? Then World Championship Boxing Manager™ Cracked Version is your dream come true. In this sports management game, you can completely control the career of a boxer and build his/her reputation in the boxing world. Along the way, you will need to win fights and advance in the ranks. Test your skills and get ready for World Championship Boxing Manager™!
Key features:
– Manage your boxers’ career in a competitive boxing league
– Keep your boxers healthy and happy in your stable
– Draft a management team and get the best trainers and managers in the sport
– Enter the ring as a boxer, recruit managers to help your stable along the way
– Get to the top of the boxing world and fight for Area, National, and World titles
– Test your boxing skills against real-time opponents
– Customize your game by choosing your own opponents and setting your own rules to the simulation
– Play in multiplayer and enjoy boxing fans from around the world
– Designed for HD and iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets!
World Championship Boxing Manager™ is a sports management game inspired by some of the sport’s most successful boxers and managers. Win your way to becoming the world’s champion manager and build your stable of boxers as you compete in top-flight fights. Let your “sweet science” take you to new heights with this entertaining boxing management game for iPad, iPhone, and Android tablet.
World Championship Boxing Manager™ is now available for the iPhone and iPad!
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World Championship Boxing Manager™

Features:- A 15+ YEARS OF BOOSTER OVER 200+ REFERENCED SPONSOR AGREEMENTS- A 20+ YEARS OF BOXING MANAGER GAME COVERED- Business of 5 WORLD INCLUDED IN THE GAME PRIMARY- INDEPENDENT DIGITAL CAMERA SUPPORTED- WITH 6 DIFFERENT GAME MODE- PLAY THE GAME FROM WITHIN THE DIGITAL CAMERA.- 8 DIFFERENT GAME MODES (AGGRESSIVE, COLLISION, AGGRESSIVE DRAW, CHALLENGER, DEFENDER, ROUND BY ROUND, TONIGHT’S FIGHT, THURSDAY’S FIGHT)- Addictive Single Player Mode for LAN, XBOX, PS3,and MOBILE (NOT SUPPORTING ANCIENT MOBILE YET)- Includes more than 200 POKER TYPE SPONSOR AGREEMENTS- Export and Import of Boxing Player among different game platform- Dynamic PAIRING SYSTEM- A single champion who will be the number one of the world for a week time period- Create your own boxing manager or manager for another company so you have the right to become the best manager in the world- The entire boxing world of your dreams included- More than 80Boxers’ profiles of each boxer- Special features of each boxer- A dynamic algorithm for the tournaments so the probability of winning based on the correct strategy and the standings of the players at the time for the TV, ESPN, or other famous TV networks so you have what you want to be the true world champion in the box- Scenario editor so you can create your own tournament, your own league, your own rules if you want to win the fight in your own way- Single Player Mode and Options are accessible on different game platforms (Xbox 360,PS3, PC, iOS, and Android)- Intelligent promoter AI and handling of each promotion so the promotion will follow the rules you set or not- All game events is created in real time. The scoring is not based on the declared results only!- Live on your own schedule as you go in for the fight so that you can prepare for the next fight day- The more you played, the more the computer will adjust its behavior for a more rewarding experience- Create your own championships, tournaments, leagues, and so on. Thank you!- Very simple game design- Import / Export of players and statistics- Holding the world title to be the champion of the world- Simple technical design,


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