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How can I make RubyMine recognize dependency gems when writing rake tasks?

I have set up a Rakefile in my project directory for a rake task to execute. The rake task depends on a gem (the hoe gem) that is not packaged with the project. When I try to run the rake task, I get the following error:
* No such file or directory – hoe
I think the rake task can’t find the hoe gem because it doesn’t find it in the project’s Gemfile. So I tried running bundle install on my project before running my rake task. But when I did that, the rake task failed because bundle did not find the hoe gem.
So, how do I make RubyMine recognize dependency gems when I write a rake task?


You can set the ruby file where the rake task is defined as a project source, and then run the rake task.
task :default => :spec

task :spec do
puts “hello world”

then run from project/ruby console:
rake example:test

Then you can choose where the file is (first item in project navigator).
Note: If the rake task is in the same directory of the ruby file, you can put the rake task in project/spec/tasks/test.rake file.

1. Field of the Invention
This invention pertains to ceramic electronic component parts and, more particularly, to a device for connecting ceramic capacitors to printed circuit boards.
2. Description of the Prior Art
The packaging of ceramic capacitors for insertion into printed circuit boards is typically a manual process that is very time consuming. The procedures typically begin with placement of a ceramic capacitor into a sand mold that has been marked to correspond to a given layout pattern on the printed circuit board. The capacitor is then mechanically secured to the substrate pattern by means of an adhesive. The adhesive frequently results in an adhesive void that is difficult to access, that is, that cannot be forced to the surface, and that causes weak or premature soldering of the capacitor to the substrate. Ceramic capacitors are typically then inserted through holes in the substrate pattern and soldered to the substrate pattern, often in several successive steps.

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