Welcome to Natural Selection 2, a science fiction 4X real-time strategy game, where you take the role of a group of space marines working to explore, colonize, and master an alien-infested sector.

RTS Gameplay The Basics:

Game Types 1) 4X RTS v. Other players

2) 4X RTS v. The AI, (Artificial Intelligence)

3) 4X RTS v. The CPU, (Computer Programmed Intelligence)

4) 4X RTS v. The UI (User Interface)

5) 4X RTS v. All Three

Features Advanced Ticks and Counters

Unit Abilities and Upgrades

Gameplay Mechanics Shifts & Specials

Decisions, Declarations, Campaigns

Selection, Structures, and Templates

This is only a basic list. There’s a lot more to Natural Selection 2 than you will be able to cover in one Steam workshop spotlight.
When you bring you purchased Kodiak Pack into your game, you will be prompted to choose your units type, and choose from a list of Marine, Skulk and Xeno units.
After choosing your units, you will be prompted to select an advanced machine from the weapons section to make your units able to better utilize their chosen weaponry.
After making your selections, you will have an in-game menu with eight tab headers: Advanced, Abilities, Upgrades, Counters, Menu, Player, Community, and Stats.
Let’s start with the basics.
The header named “4X Gameplay” has three rows of options. The first will determine if units are able to attack players when they’re “sighted”. This toggle determines whether they are visible or not. The second selection allows you to toggle if units are able to attack players they are within the range of. The third allows you to toggle if players are able to attack units that they are within the range of.
Under the Advanced option are buttons for disabling camera shake, speed of units, auto-repositioning, reload speed, and more.
A “Checkmark” button is used to check or uncheck various game settings that you may want to adjust, or to easily toggle. A big “X” is used to toggle a setting to “Checked” or un


Features Key:

  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • Boss speed
  • Unique Leaderboards
  • HDR
  • GS MB support
  • Game Center Settings
  • New Icons
  • Profile Manager
  • Color Chooser
  • Bluetooth
  • Google API
  • Share support
  • Game Pad support
  • GPB Button Support
  • G3Dlabs VR Support
  • Gesture Support
  • Single FOV
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Apple TV Support
  • PlayTV URL


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Game In Help –
What you can do on this site?
The Site is in a Beta version so We’re really interested to your opinions and suggestions.

How to play the game:

If you don’t know how to play this game you should read this manual carefully. Because it gives information to play the game

– While you are reading this manual you should do all the steps very carefully because you can lose points of your last score if you make a mistake in any steps


– The goal of the game is to find as many pairs of cards as possible in 60 seconds

– The first player (the one who has picked up the cards) begins the game by selecting one card from the deck and showing it to you

– The second player is challenging the player who has picked up the first card to find two cards, one from his hand and another from the deck

– After a while, your turn has come you must pick up a card from the deck and show it to the opponent

– The player who has challenged you to find a card matches it with a card of his hand to see if they match

– If the cards are not matched, you lose a card

– After a successful challenge, you get 2 extra cards from the deck

– If you are not able to find two cards, you lose a card

– Your point is won every time you successfully match a pair of cards

– When a player finishes playing his card, the second player (the first who challenged him) takes the card from his hand to draw another card from the deck to play.

– You continue playing the game until all cards have been played or until one player reaches the target time

– The game ends when the target time expires. The player who reached the target score is the winner.

Game rules for the game:

– Both players can exchange cards during the game

– The players can change the direction in which the cards are placed in the deck

– A player who is playing a card from his hand must show it to his opponent

– A player can use special cards (?) during the game

– If the player who holds the cards in his hand must show it to the opponent (and if he is not able to) he loses the card immediately

– Players can change the direction in which the cards


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Full Graphics:

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