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5.0.1 crack keygen for pcThe federal government could be stripped of much of its authority to fight crime — and US Attorney General Eric Holder could lose his job — if the Constitution is successfully amended to make it easier for citizens to vote.

The Federalist, a conservative group with strong ties to conservatives in Congress, has been pushing for an amendment that would require a unanimous supermajority to change the Constitution’s rule that no amendment can be enacted without the approval of two-thirds of the states.

Holder, the former head of the Justice Department, has pushed back on the concept of a “runaway amendment” that would change the Constitution substantially without amendments being approved by two-thirds of the states, as required by the Constitution.

The Supreme Court has never ruled on whether the Constitution allows amendments to be passed by a simple majority of the states, but that could change under a simple majority rule.

“In essence what the Federalist is proposing is a new convention that will have a new set of rules, and will do away with a set of rules that have been set forth for at least 200 years,” Holder told Congress in 2007. “A runaway convention would be a runaway for any amendments, the president’s term would be completely cut short, and any judge appointed by the president would lose its tenure.”

Even some Republican lawmakers are skeptical that amending the Constitution should be easy.

“I am certainly not fond of having a very small number of states that are absolutely sovereign in the process,” said Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., who is considering a bid for a US Senate seat in 2012. “I think we have to be very careful about how far down we take this.”

As the Founding Fathers couldn’t foresee the possibility of Web videos and electronic voting, the Constitution includes few provisions about amending the document, and few restrictions on how amendments are passed.

So far, 23 states and the District of Columbia have ratified the proposed language, which was crafted by the National Constitutional Center, a nonprofit group in Minneapolis that is pushing the effort.

While the language hasn’t been adopted in most states, it has been approved in the Federalist-founded states of Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, South Carolina and Virginia.

The effort isn’t likely to succeed in a state where the opponents are likely to be found in power. The sponsors of the amendment this week published an opinion piece in the New York Times in which they wrote that

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Vistanita Duplicate Finder 3.9.6 + Crack/Serial. Operating System: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,8.1,10. File Size: 2.38MB System .
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