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Proud member of the 401k Select club. Looking for people who can bounce ideas off of each other on a cost-effective basis.Q:

How does Wren know all this information?

In the movie Wreck It Ralph, Wren explains various things about the arcade games to Ralph at one point. How does he know all of these things that he explains to Ralph? Does he go around playing all of these games? Also, it might be interesting if he can take in all of this information and then convert it to frames per second so that he can make them playable.


He must have simply played (or at least been introduced to) the games at some point.
Having designed an arcade game for the first time, he is not going to know too much about them, although he can obviously make educated guesses about the kinds of things they might have in them.
They could have been part of a multiplayer game (the other player being Cy-bug) in which case (probably) he’d have been exposed to the game code.
Ralph probably learnt about the games he plays in his time in the arcade as well (e.g. Fruit Master), which would have given him an idea of the kind of things the games probably contain.
Perhaps one day Wren created a game to compete with the arcade game, or to be played in a similar way.
This would involve him spending time developing the arcade code, so would have been the earliest opportunity for him to get to know the games in detail.
If Ralph doesn’t like it then he just goes back to the arcade where he can play the games in his favourite way.


Saving the property as void in F#

Suppose I have a class
class MyC
public prop1 : int

and I want to create an independent instance of this class
let myc = new MyC(5)

now I want to save the property prop1 as a void, so I use
myc with
{prop1 = v}

but F# complains:

the property ‘prop1’ is not compatible with the return type bool

according to this thread:

“The correct syntax is to use (let myC =)



I’m guessing the website is in Italy and your browser is only picking up a few items, because it’s only going to get an entire website if you select all of it.
You can change the setting in your browser, in most browsers there’s an option to filter the items you receive on a search, e.g. Google.
You also may need to re-enable Javascript by loading the page source and finding the section at the top with ‘…’ – and then just copy and paste that section into the browser.

In a call with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo that aired Monday morning, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow slammed the Fed’s negative interest rate policy, saying the president was pleased with how Jerome Powell is handling the institution’s role in the economy.

“Well, we’ve been watching the process with great interest,” Kudlow said. “We like the process. We like the steps that are being taken. We like the interest rate setting.”

Asked what the president’s reaction has been to Powell’s commentary, Kudlow said, “Well, what he’s saying, he’s been pleased with that.”

Powell, who took the helm of the Fed in February, has been a frequent critic of President Trump’s trade policies and has been largely insulated from the president’s frequent attacks. Indeed, during his public comments at Jackson Hole, Powell suggested that the federal fund rate was unlikely to rise further this year.

But the Fed chair’s comments have appeared to at least influence the president’s thinking about interest rates. While Trump has frequently disparaged Powell, he has expressed optimism that the Federal Reserve could cut rates three more times this year.A few years ago, I noticed in the neighborhood a little green sign that seemed to have been plopped into the dirt, sans grass. It read: “Sewer + Rain.”

I eventually found out that the sign stood for my alley. I was lucky enough to live in an older part of the city, where my alley was always quiet with the exception of summer when kids in the neighborhoods built dry stone walls. This alley had long been home to children’s birthday parties and the occasional fight, but I loved it. The sight of kids playing in and around the piles of soil piled high in the center, making some game out of digging through piles of dirt, was a comforting one.


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