In the city of Brawler Asylum, a city invaded by numerous mafia gangs, the only law is to kill all… or be killed.
But how many of them are willing to follow this law and bring the peace to the streets?
City of Brawler Asylum, a metropolis invaded by the mafia and protected by the law.
Four types of weapons: Baseball bat, fire attack, Chain saw, Gun.
All-new scoring and health system, allowing you to take out a big boss and big gang.
Original arcade graphic style, with detailed background and voices.
Intuitive controls, just tap the screen and you’re ready to go!
Online leaderboard ranking, beat the best players from around the world!
Strategic ranking battles are possible, thanks to the free-for-all mode!
3+players (not limited to 4)
Worldwide ranked player ranking
Online ranking
Easy menu support for additional features
Online mode (Internet connection required)
Full game soundtrack
Unlockable items
Download the demo now!
A city invaded by mafia gangs, a city protected by the law.
The law of kill or be killed is implemented here.
4 types of weapons: Baseball bat, fire attack, Chain Saw and Gun.
Original arcade graphic style, with detailed background and voice effects.
Details are rendered with the finest and brightest graphics and designs, bringing authenticity to the game.
Original soundtrack, carefully made, with the beating sounds of weapons, the voices of characters and the background noises of the city.

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Features Key:

  • Fast, stable and easy to play, new players can enjoy the game immediately and new players can have fun at any level
  • Demake old games, brick breaker
  • Developed with touchscreen, Unreal Engine4, allow players to choose the optimal choice that suits themselves.
  • Caves, arena, haunted house, castle, Empire
  • Download Now!

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    Why do so few open source bloggers make money? – bitprophet

    I don't see many open source bloggers making money, but when people seem to mention their work & they have web sites (& not blogs), they seem to be able to tout other things about themselves (including being pro businesses!)

    It seems like a win win situation for all the people involved, but I assume businesses don't see too much market value in free licenses and content.
    Maybe with the exception of James C.R. Clowes[0] and Ken Farmer[1] few people
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    I have a list of train pairs, and a dictionary with car values for them. If a car in the list has the same name as a car in the dictionary, I want to print what car value is associated with it.
    A sample input:
    train = [[‘12347’, ‘12347’, ‘12347’], [‘12348’, ‘12348’, ‘12349’]]
    dic = {‘12348’:[‘1234’, ‘Cars are cool’], ‘12349’:[‘1234’, ‘Cars are cool’]}

    Current output:
    There is no car value associated with 12348
    There is no car value associated with 12349

    Expected output:
    There is no car value associated with 12348
    There is no car value associated with 12349

    for i in train:
    for d in dic.keys():
    if i[0] == d:
    print d
    print “There is no car value associated with ‘{}'”.format(i[0])


    dict.keys() returns the keys as a list, not as a set. If you want to use a set, use dict.viewkeys() or dict.viewkeys():
    >>> for d in dict(train).viewkeys():
    … if ‘12349’ in train:
    … print(d)
    … else:
    … print(‘There is no car value associated with {}’.format(i[0]))

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