With her beauty contest victory, this is the time to settle down with the woman of your dreams. Your excitement is trumped, however, when you return to find her missing. No one’s seen her since she won a famous sculptor’s beauty contest. You have to discover who’s using magic to bring Golems to life and stop them before they turn everyone to stone.
Key Features
– A meticulously written story that will keep you searching for answers long after you finish the game
– More than 100 puzzles to keep you actively playing
– Find the missing woman in the bonus Hidden Object Puzzle game!
– Explore a beautifully designed world full of puzzling Golems and magically transported statues!
– Find out who’s hiding the link to the mysterious gravenite
– A story full of love and adventure!A battery is an electrochemical device for storing energy, generally in chemical form and as electric charge and electrical current. A battery may be utilized as a power source for various types of products. For example, a battery may be utilized as a power source for mobile electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, and walkie-talkies. A battery also may be utilized for charging a variety of types of products, from cordless power tools to electric vehicles.
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The Story Of A Chinese Restaurant Features Key:

  • Three Categories level values and your turn score: My program features three categories of levels that include Short of testing, Mid of testing and The highest of testing.
    When you are done with a particular task (or task for I wanted to buy an iPad somehow I get frustrated as I have to shut out iPad 5 back to open my computer when I wanted to be using my iPad and this is exactly what my program asks me. In general they are really good for this. I don't bother reading what's new or most need to do anymore.
  • Ability to take & take over a set time: Absolutely, one of the coolest features as it really can help you make the most of your time. You set a time frame and that's when you can & take over it (e.g you can't take over in the middle of the game, etc). The cool thing is that you can change the time frame during the middle of the game (e.g. take over in the middle of the second level if you find that the task becomes rather torturous for you). It's awesome!
  • Multiple tasks called back-to-back: This is a little feature that was conceived later on in the game's development. When you are in the middle of the game, if you sort of needing some fresh air and also you wish to take over to your preferred player, you can do that and your program will call over to the person called back-to-back! (e.g. I may call you over the second you've been in the middle of the game)
    Also, you can only call back-to-back when you've completed a previous task. For example when you call me back-to-back first, I will not only perform your first task but I will also ask you to perform your second task.
    This way you can get both your fresh air and do your second task very much preferred.


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The name Time Transit comes from the sudden need for our resident Time Bender, Teser, to hop on a time machine to fly to our time from the one he has just recently collected.
Not knowing how to control his new found ‘warp drive’, he accidentally heads into the river, and off to another time period.
This accidental trip to the Triassic Era reveals a need for a rescue. Our Chieftain, Atta, who also happens to be an avid tracker, is sent to track down our Time Bender, Teser.
On his adventure, he finds something new – a sweet, gentle, vegetarian dinosaur named Smoove, who naturally follows our Chieftain everywhere he goes.
Who will come out on top, the Chieftain, or the new ‘friend’ Smoove?
Your personal adventure will be shaped by your choices, and which dinosaur you decide to befriend. You must decide how friendly and loyal you wish to be, and how you will interact with others. Travel through time to see how it plays out.
Key Features:
Become a friend of Dinosaur company and help them to reach their goal; help save the land from the evil dinosaurs.
Play as three unique dinosaur characters: Smoove, Atta and the Chieftain!
Travel through six time periods, in a carefully crafted era by era story.
Test your skills as you explore the beautiful landscapes in new locations.
Use quick reflexes and seek your own personal path to find your own unique winning situation.
Optimized for all types of devices, so that everyone can enjoy the experience.
Collect and feed Smoove to develop his size and improve your success as a hunter.
Hours of gameplay through the ages, with seven beautiful landscapes per era.
More than 25 unique events and puzzles.
Learn secrets about your dinosaurs and the land that they inhabit.
Addictive, fun gameplay.
Try the TIME TRANSPORT NOW FOR FREE – and find out what all the excitement is about!
Time Transit is also available on Google Play


What’s new in this version:

Developer’s Comment:

After many requests, the game is now available for Android and IOS. I hope you enjoy it!
The game has been optimized in a new way. I would like to thank all the people who have rated the game. Your feedback is very important to me.

Game’s hints will now appear when you enter a


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Drive to the bridgehead in Bolshoy Sabsk. Completely recreate the 3rd Axis front.
Bolshoy Sabsk area (right bank of r.Luga)

Playtest User Map EditorThis map editor was developed for players (testers) before a finished, full version of the map is available. It is meant to help players to modify the map as they like, without having to download it.This map editor is a combination of a scripting editor and a reference book, which are linked with the map editor itself. The scripting editor lets the player write simple scripts which will be executed by the map editor after the map file has been loaded. The reference book has lots of explanations of the map, descriptions of the terrain and explanations of the damage. The map editor allows you to change the scenery, terrain and behavior of objects. It allows you to change the orientation of objects, to rotate objects (roads, buildings, barbed wire, airfields), to snap objects to the terrain and to delete objects. You also have a tool to re-draw the terrain.

The map editor runs on most major operating systems, including Windows and Linux. In order to run, a free runtime is required. Both the map editor and the reference book can be downloaded from here.The map editor and the reference book are linked with a simple script language. This script language makes it possible for the map editor to work with scripting languages like Python, VB, and Perl.

This map editor is intended to be used by players (testers), to find bugs in the map and to test new features. The editor is not intended to be used by players (testers) to create their own maps. The map editor is currently under development and is not completely finished. This makes the editor a good map editor, but not a game development tool. Note that the map editor is in an early development stage, and has been tested for only a couple of days. I would kindly ask you to send me feedback so that I can improve the map editor and the reference book.

The map editor is currently a mix of Python and SQL. Python is being used to add game logic to the map editor.

The map editor shows a brief explanation of the scripting language that has been used.

The map editor shows an overview of which objects are available in the scripting language.

The map editor shows an example script of how objects behave.

The map editor shows an example script of how to re


What’s new:

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