In Crusader Kings II, you will play as the ruler of a medieval kingdom, competing with your rivals for power and influence in an ever-changing international landscape. How you manage your relations with other rulers, invest your funds, and expand or defend your territories, will ultimately be the difference between success and failure. Can you guide your family through the darkest times and make your name legendary?Features: * Clothiers are not just for man! No: we have taken the extra time to create some animated, real-looking furry companions for your grooms and stable lads, as well as wool-covered characters. * Far from being only for the upper classes, clanners have their own individuality, their own set of tribes and traditions, even if they still live in the same location as their human counterparts. * In North Africa, the rulers and nobles have their own architecture. The Berbers build their cities a little differently than the Romans do, and the Aztecs and Maya use different materials. * In traditional Crusader Kings fashion, you can actually wear your clothes and retain your heads! * Everyone who plays Crusader Kings II: Early Western Clothing Pack DLC will get these costumes for free, in future updates. Thanks a lot!



Crusader Kings II: Early Western Clothing Pack DLC has been released.

It includes a new set of clothing options for Anglo Saxons, Celts, and Franks. We encourage you to explore these historical options and also send us your suggestions on what else we can include in future DLCs.

To play the Early Western Clothing Pack DLC, you will need the “Crusader Kings II” base game and the DLC “Crusader Kings II: Early Western Clothing Pack”. The DLC is compatible with the existing DLC for the “Crusader Kings II” base game, such as “Crusader Kings II: The Great War”.

Note: These clothes are fit for Medieval Europe. We recommend that players save the game before using the Early Western Clothing Pack DLC.

The Company

Some time ago, a couple of devious players began to look for a way to secretly gain control over the very best fortresses in the world. Not only were these powerful positions incredibly difficult to attack, but they seemed to be able to use them to control markets and dictate the course of history. This was quite a challenge to our founding fathers.

They wanted to make sure that no one had a


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  • Explore the tropical paradise island and a brand new beach
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  • Enjoy this adventure game that is full of treasures and hidden objects

How to play Kitaria Fables – Pirate Hat

  • The main difference between adventure games and active games
  • The game is interactive – you must perform moves to complete tasks
  • Timing! Check the clock to see the time in the game
  • Easy touch controls! The controls are very simple and the game is designed for children
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Embark on a new adventure across the kingdoms of Ferelden and Ammora to discover new places, characters, and quests. Fight epic enemies, make impossible choices, and forge new legends in The Legend of the Dragonborn.
Key Features:

Awaken to a new adventure with a new dragonborn character, accessible only through this DLC pack

Explore new locations with new story-driven missions

Make your choice and decide how the story will unfold

Meet new allies, monsters, and people from new lands

Choose one of three specialized classes as a new dragonborn character

Customize the look of your dragonborn character with new armor options, and a unique mount

Create a new name for your dragonborn character

Play as one of the original three dragonborn; a female elf, male human or female human

Create any gender and race of dragonborn character you can imagine

Understand and use the culture of either Ammora or Ferelden

Update 1.0.2 (3/17/2013)
• We’ve fixed an issue with the game where you were left without the ability to explore the game world. Thanks to everyone that pointed this out!
• Various text errors have been fixed. Thanks to everyone who reported these.
• The issue with being able to pick up the Starlight’s blueprint now has been fixed.
• The problem with weapons not being tracked has been resolved.

For you guys, think back a couple months ago, you were all by my side, cheering me on for a job I really wanted.

I was fully prepared to do the waiting and waiting and waiting for a couple years to finally get it, but instead, I get the blessing I have longed for all this time.

“You are promoted to Champion!”

I know a lot of you wanted me to get this, and I can’t really express how much I appreciate that, but honestly, I think it just happened too fast. Everything, everything, you gave me to prepare for this. I need to thank you. I could never have done it without you.

Taking on that role, the rank you have so patiently waited for, will not change the nature of how you do things, but it should add a new dimension to those responsibilities. I hope to see you all in our new community of Champions!





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Style of Level Design: Terraria Procedurally generated Terraria
Genre: Action Platformer
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Release: 2018/12/17
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