It’s been a long, snowy winter here. In addition, the king of Tepes is raising his army. He plans to conquer the entire land by winter break.
You are a young boy named Garp who was adopted by the king of Melusine’s kingdom. The king is trying to make a new kingdom by using magical power. You were selected by the king to be his loyal bodyguard. Help the young king to build his kingdom and protect the people!
The game allows you to enjoy a game with a simple system, while interacting with various characters, and taking part in various events. It makes you feel like you’re playing a real RPG game with strong characters!

Key Features:
– Revolutionary system
– Customize your character
– Perform special attacks
– More than 30 different hairstyles
– Various kinds of action
– Action based on your personal characters
– 24 different costumes
– More than 100 types of weapons
– Increase character stats
– Skill up your character
– Develops the kingdom

The system of the game is to simply the RPG genre, which has the story and actions.
The purpose of the game is not the battle, and it is the kind of “pure” RPG game. There is no point where you get tired and take it easy. You can progress your character by performing any amount of actions, and it will not get redundant.

As you progress in the game, you will also grow in power. You become an important ally for the king, while you actively protect the people. Each chapter is a major event. They are not only the main plot, but they also introduce their own interesting moments.
The plot is as follows.
The Tepes Kingdom has been suffering from the winter and the bandits. The bandits are surrounding the kingdom and attacking the people. There are many weak people who are forced to sell their belongings to make money. A young boy was adopted by the king of Melusine’s kingdom. In addition, his own parents are dead. The king brings him up with his own eyes. He tells his name is Garp, and the age is 12. “I found you on the road. I wanted to bring you home, but your own people, they are bandits, they live in evil.” Garp is adopted as a child of king, and named “Garp”. He is a pure-hearted boy, and the king believes that Garp has his own potential


SRPG Studio Snow Background Features Key:

  • high quality
  • vector format
  • High Quality

    Game Play For Video :

    • From the highest quality game to the smallest amount of texture.
    • The resolution and content is designed for high definition monitors.

    Easy To Use

    • Just drag game files into SRPG Studio.
    • Game starts in a minute.

    Low System Resources Required

    Auto-Detect Mac OS Lion / Snow Leopard/ Mountain Lion Compatibility

    Setup Tricks and Tips

    Learn More

    Watch video on how to install and run
    How to use Snow Background
    How to savegame on Snow Background
    How to change SRPG Studio Snow Background out
    How to open all SRPG Studio games/levels on Snow Background
    How to use Snow Background with Windiu
    How to use it with Steam

    About Snow Background:

    • A snow Background for 2D Game Studio SRPG
    • System Requirements:

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