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Offline application for secure text documents and notes

If you store sensitive data and prefer to encrypt it in a reliable way, then SecureMemo is what you need. With this package, you can produce text documents or notes on your device that are only accessible with the provided password. No one else can access them without this password.
In use:
The Simple application displays a simple text input field. The user can provide the required password to access the text document. Whenever a new user has opened the document, this password will be automatically updated for him/her. The user also can revoke access for an existing password at any time.

Want it?
SecureMemo is available for a free, trial period of 15 days. You need to be connected to the internet for the installation, and don’t forget to save a copy before you forget the password, because you will never be able to access that document again.

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Secure Memo Crack+

Secure Memo – A tiny application that creates secure text notes and documents to be opened with your password.
The most basic notes and documents can be protected with a single password and required time or number of opening attempts to see the notes or documents.

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Secure Memo Crack +

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What’s New in the?

Secure Memo is a Windows application that enables you to distribute text documents with a password, guaranteeing your privacy and preventing access to the text by unauthorized third parties.
With Secure Memo, you can create secure text documents that let you distribute them among only a limited number of recipients, without exposing your text contents to the world.
Secure Memo Features:
* Create a secure text document with a password.
* Create a password, generate a secure document.
* Designate any number of document recipients.
* Send secure documents via emails.
* Password revoke operations.
* One-time password.
* Extremely easy to use.
* You can also encrypt a selected group of documents.
* You can retrieve the same documents after the revocation.
* Secure document settings.
* Set the password appearance.
* Save in any binary file format.
* Print settings.
* Supports the Microsoft.eml file format.
* Supports most image formats, HTML formatted documents and rich text format.
* Provide a password when you export the encrypted text documents.
* Restore from images.
* Import images from various sources.
* Export to the Windows File Explorer menu.
* Support the MS Office COM Add-In.
* All of these functions are easy-to-use and require no additional software.

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System Requirements For Secure Memo:

Also if you want to support TF2Coop on openBSD, you may need to get some other applications compiled with gcc 4.8.x and you will have to build yourself. If you want to compile the BSD source with gcc 4.8.x you may have to be root to do it as other options and libraries used are not yet available on OpenBSD. Check the readme.txt files for compiling instructions.!/?p=30509

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