Santa’s workshop is broken. The holiday season is a disappointment, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer just won’t fly. When Santa goes on a journey to rekindle hope at the North Pole, he recruits your help to accomplish his goal. Lead his trusted helper Rudy Noel on an adventure through the pages of classic Christmas stories in pure RPG fashion – you make the choices that matter. As your way with words grows, you’ll find yourself donning some holiday gear to help you light up the world.
Fashion Tips:
Rudy is in luck! This season, he gets to wear an official Santa hat and beard with a glow to match his red nose. Take advantage of their festive looks! It’s the perfect place to wear holiday outfits and get a boost when answering questions.
To clear your quest, Rudolph needs to light up at least 5 key locations. With the headlight on Santa’s back, he’s the top priority, but with the Headlight on Rudy’s head, he becomes the main attraction!
Explore the world of Christmas stories
Dress up and interact with dozens of classic holiday characters
Ride to light up the world
Take part in mini side quests
Dozens of lines and story branching paths
A Christmas miracle for the bargain price of zero dollars
Join the tour and discover how great the animation is
Fully voiced and rendered in real time
Beautiful art
The choice is yours
This game is not affiliated with or endorsed by, the Walt Disney Company. This program is subject to the Terms of Use.

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Santa’s Big Sack Features Key:

  • 40 HUGE levels that require you to find prizes within a sack that is never empty
  • Lots of entertainment as you fight the guards on stage
  • Music & Dancing on stage


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* The main story quest has you playing as Santa as he rides into the North Pole on his sleigh.
* Every day, you have to create a character of your own to complete tasks that help you obtain a magic sack of presents for your own family.
* As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more characters, each with their own personalities and features.
* As you level up your character and increase their stats, you’ll unlock new tools for you to use in your daily life.
* If your presents over-decorate the stockings or you fail a task, you will lose the gifts and have to start over.
* As you progress through the game, you’ll also encounter Mr. Claus, the employer of the Winter’s family and a Christmas icon himself.
* There are no in-app purchases.
* Defiantly a Christmas game for the Holidays!

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Santa’s Big Sack (Updated 2022)

You’ve been Santa’s assistant for years now. Help him set up the North Pole and put on a great Christmas display. Then take it one step further and win over this winter’s love.Download the app now for free and have fun!

App Features:

Unlock a new costume for Santa. Play through three different game modes to level up, unlock new characters and enjoy a variety of quests.

Dozens of costume and new character ideas and they all have something to do with the Winter Season.

Enjoy custom graphics for Santa’s sidekick, Rudy.

Santa loves helping kids this holiday.

Santa’s helpers are all in different places. You can visit Santa in the North Pole, Rudolph in the forests, and Mrs. Claus at the Grand Mogul.

Santa sends gifts to his beloved helpers.

Santa’s helpers help Santa and his elves in the North Pole. Help them carry out your tasks.

The snowballs will fly if Santa or Rudolph misses hitting the ball.

Get ready for fun with Santa this Christmas. Download Santa’s Big Sack now!

Game Tips:


iPhone: Tilt to move, Swipe up to jump.

Touch the screen to throw snowballs and other objects.

Ratings and Reviews:

4.9 out of 5

1.5K Ratings

1.5K Ratings

Excellent Storyline and Voiceovers!

Dec 5, 2016


Excellent story line with a great voice cast. If you are Santa, I suggest you buy the book that this game is based on. It really added to the experience. Having the opportunity to talk to all the characters and get to know them first before moving on to the game was awesome.

Excellent Storyline and Voiceovers!

Dec 5, 2016


Excellent story line with a great voice cast. If you are Santa, I suggest you buy the book that this game is based on. It really added to the experience. Having the opportunity to talk to all the characters and get to know them first before moving on to the game was awesome.

If this game came with a bookmark, I would put my gold star rating at 4.5 stars.

The storyline is engaging. The dialogue is wonderful. The voice acting is top-notch. The story is fun and I want to play


What’s new:


All Star Santa Claus has to choose between Jingleberry (Corey Burton) and T-Rex (Mario Lopez).

– And an original elf costume for Billie Dee Williams
– Fresh fruit for Ralph and a giant piece of candy for the kids
– And a John Wayne movie to watch

Overall Analysis

Good show. A lot of fun. Definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Decision Analysis: Everyone who sends in a letter will be sent one of these adorable Santa Hand Prints.

-Santa Claus, from Germany, wants to dress like a Ninja.
-His suit is made of origami paper, glass and gunpowder.
-His scarf is made of bone.

Score Breakdown


– Steve Lake: 81%Grade: B+

– Shannon: 90%Grade: A+

– Andrea: 86%Grade: A+

– Dustin: 90%Grade: A+

– Chaz: 80%Grade: B+

*Wonderful Franklin and wonderful Billie.
*The Robot Santa (who is wearing a tux) actually sings the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”
*All the performances are great. Corey and Ralph are a bit stiff, but the rest of the cast are great, and the kids are great.
*One of my favorite moments was watching Steve Lake try on the boxers. He does a very good job.
*The 360 degree feature of the show is very cool, even if it gets old fast.

The ProductionDesign

– James G. Hudson: 45%Grade: A

– Chaz: 81%Grade: A+

– Steve Lake: 82%Grade: A

– Shannon: 50%Grade: A-

– Dustin: 60%Grade: A

– Andrea: 45%Grade: A-

– Toni: 51%Grade: A-

-Lisa: 41%Grade: B+

– Jay: 45%Grade: A-

*The Virtual Reality part of the show was pretty cool. However, most of the crowd was actually center in the circle, not wanting to get up and move around. The hosts seemed to wander along the circle as if they were walking to work, which they were.
*The robotic head designer should be given a Bob Ross Award. He was so creative.


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How To Crack Santa’s Big Sack:

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  • Run the cracked game file.

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    Click on any of the thumbnails below to view more pictures of Santa’s Big

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    Sack –

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    System Requirements:

    Windows 8 / Windows 10
    Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 40 or later
    Mozilla Firefox or Chrome
    Side view:
    Floor view:
    How to Play:
    You can also control the map with the mouse.
    Double click on the map to view the new search engine (1).
    Double click on the new search engine (2) to enter the search engine.
    From the main search page, you can search by city


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