Roblox ( is a 3D, virtual world that allows users to create and share 3D games, and browse games created by others. Users can create their own games using the program’s game development tools or by using pre-defined game blocks, and can customize their games by decorating their characters, creating special effects, and recording music and narration. Created by former Sony Online Entertainment employees David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox released its service on August 28, 2006.
Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux. As of September 2020, Roblox has more than 170 million monthly active users, including more than half of all children under the age of 16.[1]

When Roblox first launched in 2006, the platform hosted mostly unlicensed games that were presented in an online “sandbox” format. These were largely created by adult users; in Roblox itself, players were categorized as either “adults” or “kids”. Roblox games included both 3D graphic games and “remixes” of other games. In 2009, Roblox began hosting games that were created using its own asset and platform development tools. Games created using these tools were titled “tutorials” and were presented as themed rooms that featured a game objective.

In 2011, Roblox expanded its platform of player and developer customization tools, allowing developers to create their own game assets and then share them with other Roblox users. This update was followed by a series of new tools and “events” designed to encourage interaction with other players. In 2012, a new “Experience” feature was released that allowed developers to add voice samples and character descriptions to their games.

In 2012, Roblox released its first virtual world, an avatar-centric game called Littlest Pet Shop. The following year, Roblox released a networking feature that allowed users to interact with one another through video chat; the feature was updated in 2013 to include the ability to share 3D avatars with other users.

In 2014, the company released Littlest Pet Shop Go, a mobile game based on its virtual world that allowed players to chat with other users while driving through the virtual world.

In 2015, Roblox released the “Game Creator” software tool that allowed developers to publish and monetize games on its platform. Littlest Pet Shop Adventures


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