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“The Incomplete Lunar” is a simple puzzle game that combines the simple graphics of the puzzle game with complex story and mechanics.
Set in the future of the millennium (1999), you are a college kid called Robert Smith, who is a young student at the Seventh-year of the university. After the accident, you are transported to the Moon. In a place you never know, you meet people that have their own world that was created.
When you meet Mel, who is the princess of Melania and Rolo, who is a stuntman who was the bodyguard in the royal family of Melania, you decide to travel around the universe together.
Listen to new stories and new things that you do not know. You can check what you get by traveling together, so you can learn and meet new people.
Play with your friend, so this is a puzzle game that is easy to play but difficult to solve. In order to move, you need to correctly understand the meaning of the elements that you see.
– General Features
– Full version of game content and improve mechanics are going to be released in near future.
– Game controller support.
– English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages are supported.
– Simple puzzlement game with multi-choice.
– Enjoying the story and characters.
– Nostalgia.
– Mystery.
– Stability.
– After completing the full version of game content, more number of customers are expected to purchase the full version of “The Incomplete Lunar”.
For more information, please contact us by email to our customer service center:
“” or “”
About Our Company:
“” is the official website for our company located in Seoul, Korea.
“” is a website that is engaged in the game business.
“” is a customer service center for “”.
About Naver Games
We are a development team of Naver with “technical human interface team” and we are here to share fun experience with our internal customers.
It is not easy to open the new world, but we do not give up, so we are excited and waiting for your support. Thank you for your waiting and support.

The best


Features Key:

  • Variety of different monsters and battles
  • Various weapons
  • Various upgrades
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Playing Single player or online
  • Unique Graphic style
  • Easy to play – Hard to master
  • Battle against the Frankenbase!


    Source Code :



    Source Code :

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    Whenever you have a string inside of your game, you need to handle bad input. So any time you ask for input, instead of moving on to the next operation, you should catch the error.

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    This project has long since been in development for PC. The developer has made frequent maintenance releases recently and we believe that the port to Android is nearing release. A few key features, however are still being developed – most notably multiplayer support. The level editor is in development as well, but as that has been finished, there won’t be much need for editing.

    XG Universe

    All of our games are included in the XG Universe and can be browsed and downloaded from the developer’s website. There you can also find interesting community resources such as character editor and sound generator.

    The last character on the ship’s crew listing is a script error: Lt. Nyota Uhura is listed as “pregnant”, likely due to the fact she is actually Captain’s mate and not a crew member.
    The game’s logo is taken directly from the opening credits of the show itself.
    In the opening prologue the player has a choice in which of the two Orville locations he or she is dropped off. One location features a camera crew, the other a shuttlecraft crew.
    Forza Motorsport 4 has been confirmed to have been used as the base engine for the game.
    The game is heavily inspired by the original Black Mesa from Half-Life.
    Prior to the game release on the Google Play store, the crew have shown interest in keeping the game up to date by fixing bugs that may have been overlooked by the team.
    The game was originally intended for iOS. Due to the amount of porting necessary, Apple decided to not approve the game.


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    Broken beyond despair is a cinematic visual novel that follows the mysteries of Nosgoth. While very gothic, it doesn’t contain any blood or gore. Every choice has consequences, you cannot take back anything. Broken beyond despair is set in the the 8th era of Nosgoth, where civilization is flourishing, people live forever, and a lot of things are in turmoil.
    In the first chapter, you are a law student in the city of Quinta. Your friend has disappeared after an accident and she has returned as a spirit. Along with this spirit, you enter a portal to Nosgoth, a land without limits, where you will meet a royal assassin, a thief, an inventor, a witch and a whaler who have all been drawn to Nosgoth, as well. What is there to do? Explore the land and maybe find out what happened to your friend. The adventure continues as you keep playing and meeting new characters.
    Broken beyond despair is a cinematic visual novel set in Nosgoth. It’s an intense visual novel that is packed with 15 unique characters with their own missions, choices, and events. There are 10 eras to explore with 13 unique and original endings and a living kingdom with a dark past. Broken beyond despair has a surreal art style that conveys the Gothic feeling of Nosgoth. It’s a beautiful story that will take you around the realm, an adventure to never forget.Read More About Broken Beyond Despair
    Yono has spent her entire life in the same village. She’s never learned to read or write. Yono is the easiest-going person you’ll meet. There’s nothing more interesting to her than living in the same place, making friends, and spending time with her family. Now, Yono’s fate is in your hands.Your choice will decide what Yono’s future will be.
    Back in the day, a mighty empire called Tyria once spanned vast expanses of land and ocean. When disaster struck and an unknown force destroyed the empire, four nations emerged from the ashes and reclaimed their destiny: the orcs, the humans, the norn and the sylvari. You are a veteran adventurer named Ano who’s retired from adventuring. Now, you’re ready to resume your adventure as a mercenary. Will you save the world? No. Can you save yourself?
    This story takes place in the world of The Void. An old friend has asked you to find his daughter. He warns you that the other factions are hunting


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