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When the Elden Ring is reborn, a new world begins! To achieve the dream of the Elden Ring, Akenon, the great deity, sets out to create a new world, resulting in the rebirth of lands that, until now, have been sealed within eternal ice. When you wake up one day as a knight of an empire, you stumble upon the prophecy of an unworldly girl named Tarnished. When you accept her challenge to a duel to discover who is superior, a struggle begins between two lords at the top of the Elden Ring, the Duke of Fagonore and the Duke of Coltharion. As you try to find your way into the mystery of the Lords and the girl with a mother’s heart, the prophecy of Tarnished will lead you on an adventure from which the fate of the universe will be decided!


• A New Action RPG Game!
Workers, lords, and magians! The Elden Ring invites you to explore the Lands Between using classic action RPG elements of old. Together, you can create, raise, and train your own army, and battle against other lords.
• The Burning Flame – a new battle system
An action-packed battle system featuring a large cast of characters and smooth animation. Enjoy free battle and PvP.
• Animated weapons and armor
Fight with exceptional animation as you raise your army and defeat enemies.
• Multiple armor and weapon combinations
You can freely select your favorite combination of armor and weapons! It will never get old to be able to create any equipment you want.
• Ability to change the number of attack skills
You can freely switch your weapon and armor types in battle.
• Cinematic battle scene progression
A new battle scene feature lets you enjoy free battle even in a slow progression of battle scenes.
• Large number of skills
As a battle-hardened warrior, you can specialize in a wide variety of skills, attack types, and class types.
• Enchantments and weapons that were obtained in different ways
A wide variety of items that you can obtain in battles, PVP, and other in-game events can be used to enhance your equipment.


• This game is free to download.
This game is free to play and free to download and saves your data from being erased at the point of purchase.
• This is a free service with optional in-game purchases.
This is a free game that includes


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Features Key:

  • Online Play:
    Be the Hero!
    Travel across the Lands Between to travel to other online players to explore, enjoy world events with other players, and battle them.
  • Online Co-op Missions:
    Battle in Co-op Missions with other online players.
    You can fight with a full party of up to three characters or place your character in focus and fight alone.
  • Fallen, Tarnished, and Tarnished, Son of Tarnished:
    Combine two different roles.
    If you did not encounter the Hero before, you will be Tarnished. If you captured the Hero before, you will be Tarnished, Son of Tarnished. You can also choose to become Tarnished or Tarnished, Son of Tarnished and follow him. As the character you follow grows stronger, he might be released and become the Hero.
  • The Creator’s Eyes:
    Cut out the graphics from a masterpiece, and share only the image. The Hanaki studio’s Mari made the sprites, and the brilliant art direction was handled by the history development division.
  • Other key features:

    • Even in New Game +, you will not lose your gathered materials.
    • Notification of in-game events when you connect to the game.
    • Good luck when you challenge your first boss.
    • Every plunder or purchase item is boosted when you recruit a friend on your side.
    • When you face a challenging battle, a holiday will come in a future update.
    • Wish to become a hero. The game is open to all.

    Elden Ring received acclaim from players: Score: 3.8/5 (Art, Graphics, Physics)
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    The narrative is backed by a book so strong it resembles a Bible, which can be read only after the game’s completion and checking an item called the “Complete Book” in an NPC’s dialogue to receive all ending explanations.

    This narrative aspect is in the game’s favor: having a book to follow is always better than watching, whereas the game could have gone with just a main story and presented all possible endings as a DLC feature or a free update, which this game was never.

    For the lack of an audiobook, the game manages to compensate by adding the ability to save the game whenever you like and with all the choices taken into consideration, play the same scenario again to witness the twists and surprises it has to offer.

    Every character has thoughts, choices, and dialogue that changes based on a series of influencing factors. Though the game allows a scenario replay until the end thanks to the book, this is an option that appears frequently and I am convinced about its purpose: it allows players to capture the game’s narrative with their own characters and experience the events as they happened rather than it giving the impression that everything is predetermined and there’s nothing you can do to change events.

    Moreover, if replay has its advantages, the game’s design can also be considered its weakness.

    At the same time that the fiction is important to build character development, this feature is useful for the usual RPG element of progression: you will need to invest your choices to benefit from them.

    The pacing of the game is progressive without being too slow.

    It’s paced enough for the player not to be bored yet not too fast to overwhelm them. However, it makes the game’s completion time very long and I think it’s a fault of the narrative told.

    To close on this point, it’s a game very easy to replay in one or two hours. This makes it possible to experience a new scenario after a break for a week and play it through again from the beginning to see the story from another point of view. The only limitation to that is that it will happen on a new character and that requires the player to go back and store their original characters to see how they’ll take part in the story.

    The game has a lot of characters to take part in the story and some of them fall in the background, but there are


    Elden Ring Free Registration Code [Win/Mac] 2022

    Gameplay When you start the game, the field of conflict is displayed in a 3D map mode. Here, you can choose your party. You can assign your party member to a character slot at the upper left of the screen, or perform an operation by pressing the various buttons on the bottom of the screen.

    1. Battle

    New input method
    Instead of pressing the R button and performing multiple actions by rotating the analog stick, in ELDEN RING, you can use other buttons to perform various actions. For example, in the left “Back” menu, you can use the X button to go back, the Circle button to select a new character, the Triangle button to revive a fallen party member, and the Square button to cancel a menu.

    Advanced actions
    In addition to the multiple button operations of previous games, you can select an action and perform it instantly at the press of a single button.

    In battle, you can perform a variety of actions, depending on your situation.

    “Undead Transformation”
    You can transform your fallen character into a weak human-like enemy which moves faster than the player’s character. This action is useful for making it easier to chase down enemies.

    “Auto Status Change”
    You can change your party member to a parry status. You can change its protection to stop a variety of attacks. In this way, you can fight without being exposed to attacks by enemies.

    This action can be used at any time. It is effective when your party member is fallen. You can revive it and make it defend with a specific attack. This action has a cooldown of several seconds.

    You can perform a “guerrilla attack” by teleporting yourself to a spot where an enemy party member is and attacking it.

    “Carry Position”
    You can carry your fallen party member. By pressing the Circle button, you can set your fallen party member in a carry position and perform “Resurrection” to revive it.

    Other actions
    If you press the X button, your character will be transported to a different part of the field of conflict. If you attack the enemy with a Z button press, you can acquire “Zeta” points. Zeta points can be used to acquire various skills.

    2. Stage



    What’s new:

    Stylized 3D graphics accompanied by powerful musical performances, the game has a beautiful and original fantasy artwork style.
    You can enjoy it all on your PC browser.

    The god of Elric, Hermes, came from the Crimson Moon and chased the Tarnished, scattered among the Creation and became an Elden Lord. Tarnished, that has descended from the higher tier, still remember the face of the god of Elric at that time.
    You are the Tarnished. You are the one who wants to rise and become an Elden Lord that the god of Elric has waited for.

    You play as Tarnished.

    Continuum Shift