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The #MeToo movement has brought down dozens of well-known men. Now, the #TimesUp movement is aimed at women and less-known men, while this week’s cover story looks at the roles men have played in developing and mass-producing tools and weapons, and what the trend could mean for the future of warfare.

Retro-style arrows, rocket-propelled grenades, guns turned into cameras and magnets that pull corpses toward graves: There are plenty of headlines from this week’s issue. With it, 12.6 million people who come to The Times each week will also see another look at the day’s news, as a cover photo for the Week in Pictures, The Times’ week-long series. Every day this week, a different international photographer will be featured, with a simple caption: In Other News. This week, Matthieu Paleyman and Ben Kuang from China.

Bolivia is in the throes of a bitter political crisis, after weeks of protests against Evo Morales’s attempts to hold on to power. Now, the country is facing the worst drought in living memory, and hopes of a government agreement are dashed as protests continue, with Morales boycotting negotiations. were forced to make for the distant settlements.

In response to the insurgents’ attacks, the 2nd Guards Tank Corps and some other units were formed into 2nd Tank Army on December 31, 1944. On January 17, 1945, the army transferred to the 1st Ukrainian Front, into which the 29th Army was also transferred, where it fought in the area from Hnistoye to the outskirts of Zhlobishche. The 29th Army’s last major action took place at Zhlobishche. On January 18, the army’s combat losses were replenished by the fresh arrival of the 593rd Tank Brigade, which transferred in from the 1st Ukrainian Front. On February 1, the army was renamed as the 24th Tank Corps. It was subsequently transferred to the Western Front on March 15.

The corps remained in the Western Front, and continued to be led by Colonel Yefim Kharitonov, until the Soviet forces’ victory in the Vistula–Oder Offensive on January 27, 1945, after which the 2nd Tank Army was


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