Oktan is a handy application designed to enable you to keep track of fuel expenses and consumption for all your vehicles.
In other words, it will not matter how many cars you own, you will still be able to manage data for each of them.







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Oktan Serial Key is a handy application designed to enable you to keep track of fuel expenses and consumption for all your vehicles.
In other words, it will not matter how many cars you own, you will still be able to manage data for each of them.
Oktan’s main features:
1- Grouping of vehicles (subtotals) 
This is a unique feature of Oktan.  In fact, it makes a lot of sense, because the principle of organization (grouping) can not be applied to the whole fleet or to a single vehicle. 
For example, grouping individual vehicles to a large fleet does not make sense,  as for example  the fleet manager will have to purchase a huge amount of  fuel to run the fleet vehicles, as the fleet manager can not  get more individual cost for each of them.
However, grouping vehicle to a subgroup makes a lot of sense.  Or example, in fact, a fleet of 50 company’s vehicles will make sense to be grouped to a group of vehicles, since all of the vehicles are of the same price, then the amount of expense  at the start of the usage of any of the vehicles will be exactly the same, regardless of which vehicle it is.
In fact, grouping vehicle to a subgroup can be of great benefit to the fleet manager since it makes a lot of sense to know how much each of the vehicles within the subgroup  has cost to have been used.
2- Ability to add vehicles to another group:
Another great benefit of Oktan is  the fact that, from time to time, you might need to add vehicles to another group, but Oktan also allows us to  add a vehicle to another group, or even to group all the vehicles together, since there will be no more of  “subgroups”.
3- A search bar
Oktan in fact, has a search bar where you can sort by cost, time of usage,  or distance that this way, you can get a “sort of”  summary of all the vehicles in a group
4- A “Register” area
Oktan in fact, also in the “register” area, you will have to fill in the given  information.  Each of the vehicles will have its own record, but you will be able to refer to any of them by using the  “Search” Bar.
If you “Register

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-Keeps track of all your car’s fuel expenses and consumption
-Clarity is the best way to save money on fuel
-Easy to use
-You can use it to get a great deal on fuel and prevent overcharges
-Innovative design to help you save money
-Incredible support and free upgrades.
-Easy to use interface – The best way to save money on fuel
-Keeps track of your car’s fuel expenses and consumption
-Also, can be used to save money on fuel
-Great application design
-Easy to use and navigate
-10,000-part library
-Innovative design to help you save money
-Easy to use interface – The best way to save money on fuel
-Clarity is the best way to save money on fuel
-Saves you money on fuel and prevents overcharges
-Incredible support and free upgrades
-Pricing information, e.g. list prices of the cars for sale
-Edit and correct text
-Coupon tracking
-Coupons reference
-Business management
-Monitor vehicle accessories and alarms.
-Delivery notification
-CRM integration.
-Human resources.
-Linked apps (Android, iOS and Windows).
-Texts and email integration
-Allow or deny access to individual features based on user permissions.

Use the Oktan app to manage all of the details of your vehicle and its maintenance, and let Oktan show you the best deals and savings on car parts and accessories.
The user-friendly interface of this app will guide you through all the steps required to get the most from your vehicle.
Oktan Features:
-Map, find and book a mechanic
-Supports: BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Ford
-Track your mileage, fuel and gas prices
-Track expenses and mileage
-Keeps track of your car parts and accessories
-Monitor the emissions of your vehicle
-Add vehicles
-Manage user permissions
-Also allows viewing of the history of all car owners
-Unlimited language.
-Automobile components
-Track the mileage of your car
-Add or update services
-You can also view the history of your car for all owners
-List of lists, and a list of filters
-Texts and email integration
-Monthly subscription
-Sales list
-Linked accounts
-Automobile parts

Oktan Free Download

Oktan application is an application that will allow you to manage your equipment with special features.
Oktan application is a multi-function application designed to easily manage all your equipment with a simple interface.
The main features of the application include:
GPS Tracker:
Oktan is fully compatible with the GPS receiver from Garmin.
Tracks all your vehicles, tracks their position on an accurate map, displays it in the format of the choice.
Vehicle Data Sheet:
Oktan saves detailed information about all your vehicles, including plates of vehicle, fuel consumption, average, maximum, current speed, etc.
Road Report:
This feature gives you detailed and precise information about roads and traffic, even for your favorite journey.
You can see how traffic is, where it is heavy or slow or just where there are accidents.
Local Shopping List:
This feature tracks your order and where to pick up your order.
You do not need to remember where the dealer is and when it closed.
QR Code Scanner:
Oktan understands QR codes, and scans them and show detailed information about the products you’re interested in.
Fuel Monitor:
Oktan allows you to see precisely how many kilometers you have driven, how much fuel you have and how much you will burn in a month.
Improve your fuel economy by following a few simple measures, and improving your driving habits.
If you follow the tips for a while, you can lower fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Oktan AppLock is an anti-theft application for Android smartphones and tablets. Oktan AppLock helps you keep the safety of your mobile phone.
The Oktan AppLock application comes with many features such as:
– AppLock is free! Oktan AppLock is absolutely free. And now you can keep your phone. Oktan AppLock also offers:
– Lock application on smartphones and tablets
– PIN entry screen
– Password and Access Code protection
– Registration
– Data encryption
– Optimized the protection of information (phone numbers and texts), making it very easy to protect, as follows:
– Hide the data view
– Hide the application
– Hide the notifications
– Shuffle
– View and move icons
– Scroll fast through the lists
– View, view and move individual icons
– Hide the application
– Hide the scroll
– Hide the keypad
– Lock mode
– Different protection levels
– Password
– Code entry
– Uninstall

What’s New in the?

If you own a Toyota, a Nissan, a Honda or a Ford, then this application will be of great use to you as it allows to record all the details for fuel consumption and expenses for each of your cars. All this information will be presented to you in a very detailed manner, in a way which is easy to read and manage.
You can also view other fuel expenses, such as household consumption or even additional costs.
In addition, you will also be able to download and export all the fuel consumption and expenses for all of your vehicles.
Oktan has 3 modes, each one of them has its own advantages:
It can track a maximum of 25,000 vehicles.
It has three different modes:
• Green: this mode will allow you to set up a green filter,
and it will only display all of your fuel expenses and consumption which have been made during a green time.
• Report: this mode will allow you to display all the necessary information concerning each of your vehicles; such as its number, engine horsepower and date of birth. This will also allow you to display monthly trends in consumption and the number of miles.
• Budget: in this mode, you can display your budget. For this, all of the needed information concerning your vehicles has to be entered, so that Oktan is able to build a report based on the fuel expenses and consumption for each of them.
Oktan will automatically connect to your online accounts by using your credentials
If you want to import, export or export to CSV files, then you have to set up Oktan with your online accounts. All this will be done when you set up the application.
To set up Oktan, simply register with Oktan, and save all the necessary information;
Oktan allows you to track more than one account by using the advanced mode.
It will let you calculate the average fuel consumption and expense for all your vehicles.
Oktan has a maximum of three columns of information, and you will be able to export the information for all of them or all of the information for all three of them.
You can also export the information for all three columns for just one or for one specific account.
You can also choose the date to export the information.
Oktan also allows you to view and print up to 3 years of data, and it will automatically calculate the average consumption.
Oktan exports to CSV files.
Oktan works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
Oktan is

System Requirements For Oktan:

An internet connection
A copy of Discord (you’ll need an invitation)
A copy of Steam
A copy of Favourite Mod if you’re sharing this mod with friends
This mod is compatible with nearly all VR headsets, as it uses the standard Unity VR API.
Download Requirements:
Version 1.1 (May 23rd, 2020):
Added the UNET Framework for Discord.
Changed the Look for compatible VR headsets in-game menu.
Fixed a compatibility issue with other mods where they

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