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Mortgage Smart For Windows 10 Crack Calculator Mortgage Smart is a financial calculator you can use to determine the monthly repayment along with the total, principal and owing interest of your mortgage. It’s specially made for computers running Windows 8, 8., including touch-supported devices, thanks to the fact that it has large buttons which can be comfortably tapped. Modern UI app for calculating repayments The mortgage calculator can be seamlessly downloaded and installed from the Windows Store. It has a big window that can be resized and switched to full screen, which doesn’t put a strain on the eyes, thanks to its dark theme. Enter the loan amount and other data On the left side of the panel, you can enter the mortgage indicators, namely the loan amount, interest rate, loan term (number of years) and repayment mode (monthly, quaterly, fortnightly, weekly). The calculations are made in real time, as you enter new values, so there’s no need to click or tap any buttons to obtain the results. Therefore, you can find out the monthly, quaterly, fortnightly or weekly repayment (depending on which mode you’ve selected), total interest, together with the principal and owing interest. Lacks more options and configuration settings On the other hand, Mortgage Smart supports only the Dollar and no other currencies. Also, it doesn’t integrate options for customizing the interface colors,copying information to the Clipboard or saving it to file. However, you can take a snapshot and share the image using another one of your Modern UI tools which support a saving function, such as OneNote. Simple and fast mortgage calculator To sum things up, Mortgage Smart is a simple utility that gets the job done, enabling you to quickly determine the repayments and interests of your mortgage. Just keep in mind that it’s still necessary to consult a professional before making any decisions.

Launch app Mortgage Smart?try Metro Lite first

For app developers, the Windows Store is like a first-time bride: It’s a magical place to start, and even after the dress has been on for a while, you keep finding new things to do.
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Mortgage Smart Full Version [2022-Latest]

Mortgage Smart Download With Full Crack is a simple, intuitive Windows 8, 8. tablet, smartphone and desktop application that lets you calculate your monthly mortgage repayments, principal and interest.
Featuring large, full-screen buttons, you can easily tap your way around and get the right calculations.
No need to click or tap any other buttons – all the numbers update in real-time as you enter new data.
Loan amount, interest rate, repayment period, type of loan and lender details can be entered via the interface.
Note that numbers must be entered in US dollar amounts or in Pound Sterling.
Pinch-to-zoom to easily enter numbers and edit them if needed.
Copy and paste numbers to the clipboard for future use.
Save mortgage data to OneNote – effectively creating a mortgage calculator in your Windows notebook.
Set mortgage payments, principal and interest payments.
Preview, modify and print the mortgage entry details on desktop, laptop or tablet.
Ease of use:
• Large, full-screen buttons
• Tap and pinch to quickly enter values and change them
• Pinch-to-zoom
• Copy and paste values
• Save mortgage data to OneNote
• Set mortgage payments, principal and interest payments
• Preview, modify and print the mortgage details in desktop, laptop or tablet
• Free for personal use
• No personal or financial information is required
• No third-party applications are required

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From the Developer:

My interest lies in simplifying mathematical operations for those who are ignorant of them. I do not intend the app to be used as a ‘profit machine’ for obtaining bank details or any other information about the user or their location.
An appropriate license is available for purchase.
For the purpose of this tool, a maximum of $10,000 is allowed.
If the program is found to be objectionable for any reason, please send it back to me by email and I will promptly remove it.
Basic Calculator
Pro Calculator
Please support the developer by making an annual donation.
Thank you.



Mortgage Smart Crack Mac is a financial calculator you can use to determine the monthly repayment along with the total, principal and owing interest of your mortgage.

It’s specially made for computers running Windows 8, 8., including touch-supported devices, thanks to the fact that it has large buttons which can be comfortably tapped.

Modern UI

Mortgage Smart

Mortgage smart is a simple utility for the Windows desktop that enables you to determine the monthly payment and interest due on a mortgage.
Calculate the monthly payment, interest paid, total interest and principal.
* Mortgage Smart Download Link :
** Disclaimer : * If you want to release this application and want to use this application in business or commercial use, just send e-mail to
** Disclaimer : * If you want to release this application and want to use this application in business or commercial use, just send e-mail to

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What’s New In Mortgage Smart?

Find out the monthly, quaterly, fortnightly or weekly repayment, total, principal and owing interest when you loan money, in your favourite currency.
Recover all your information in just a few taps on your tablet, thanks to its Modern UI design.
Easy-to-install, with no system requirements and no extra software to install.
Launch the calculator to quickly find the answers you want.
Experienced app makers are always invited to submit their own apps for a chance to be published at the Windows Store.
What’s New:
• Bug fixes and improvements.

Manage your cash flow, budget and make healthy savings habits with this great app! Use this app to send timely notifications to your phone. Customize the settings in this app to fit your needs. You can even change the color of this app to match your phone’s theme.
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The Visual Studio Toolbox is a set of visual controls and UI helpers for Windows Phone. It’s a simple and quick way to add visual UI elements to your Windows Phone application.
This app is a collection of our Visual Studio Toolbox controls for the Windows Phone mobile platform.
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System Requirements:

TFT Display with Touch Panel
Memory Card Reader with minimum storage capacity of 30MB
Supported Router:
Supported Wireless-N Network
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Supported Channel(s):
2.4 GHz
5 GHz
Supported Frequency Band(s):
2.4 GHz

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