Mega Punchy Golf For Windows 10 Crack is a virtual reality VR mini golf game. Here’s what you do: you are a giant dude who has to punch the balls to knock them into the holes. Think bowling, but you’re a giant and the balls are balls.
There are five playable courses for you to punch through to the hole as you try to get high on the leaderboard. You will find yourself getting constantly stressed as you try to hit the ball toward the hole. The faster you hit the ball, the faster the leaderboard scrolls. There are no sets of rules or restrictions, only the game’s leaderboard. Want to be the second person to get a hole-in-one? That’s up to you.
While you are punching the golf ball down the holes, a cutscene takes place and highlights some of the story. There is a hint of a romance to this mini-golf and so maybe you can finish it up if you want to. On some levels you will need to punch holes in the wall to make it to the hole, on some levels the wall helps you hit the ball hard enough to get it to the hole. On some levels, you have to hit the ball on the pole, on other levels you have to hit the ball on the pink clouds.
The physics is insane! There are balls to punch, canes to hit and walls to hit. There are also obstacle courses and obstacles that are meant to make you stop and laugh as you enjoy punching balls.
Is there anything more ridiculous than a six-foot giant punching a golf ball? Well, yes, but it’s what you need to get some stress relief. You can punch the balls in both directions to get to their goal. Do you want to have a great time with your friends and ruin a few friendships? Test your reactions by punching the balls at friends and family on the mini-golf course.
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Features Key:

  • Simple & fun to play
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Multi-player game support
  • Arcade mode
  • Coin collecting

Game play basics:

  • Yellow flags = lie, and white flags = be honest, and purple flags = finish your shot.
  • Hitting a dead end = you’ll get a finisher penalty
  • Try using a tee to get to the pin.
  • You have a maximum score (18 if you want the full bonus mode)
  • Have fun!

High scores:

  • Legend – number of games played
  • Bullet – number of balls thrown
  • X – number of mis-hits
  • Perf – number of prodigious shots played
  • Enime – number of unusual swings
  • Fubar – number of foul shots
  • Funny – number of fabulous 8’s
  • Fin – number of finished shots
  • Sub – number of previously seen golf holes
  • Pie – number of perfect shots
  • Swivel – number of actions ended around a curve
  • Stoke – number of fake spikes
  • Tail – number of happy tails
  • Yoyo – number of triangles
  • Yoyo2 – number of 2nd thing Yoyo or ping-ponging
  • Xhpx – Xhpx is here. How’s it going?
  • Sport – maximum score


Mega Punchy Golf Crack Free Download For Windows [Latest 2022]

Do you want to ruin your friendships?

You can do that here too!


5 full courses of 18 holes each (more courses coming soon)

Physical punching controls for VR controllers and kb+mouse

Cross platform multiplayer between VR and non-VR

Both Stress inducement and stress relief based gameplay

Content Creator focused mirror display features for better looking gameplay vids/streams

Update History

Update 0.9.2

Added Multiplayer mode with up to 8 players per track

Added Search feature for online Multiplayers

Added “Sponsor your Community Project” option in the Options menu

Added controller support for most gamepad controllers including the Playa SHiR and Dancepad 2

Added Sound to the Cello Ball

Improved ball path control and made it more smooth

Added automatic corner detection to the bowling lanes

Update 0.9.1

Added auto save option. You can now quit the game and resume on the same spot where you left off.

Added option to take courses from specified tracks. You can find it in the Options menu. Press “R” and select the relevant course.

Added Visualisation options in the Options menu. Pause the game and activate them from there.

V1.5 Beta


Fixed bug where newbie boards would be automatically selected in multiplayer

Added tutorial

Added “Multiple Games per Course” menu option in the Options menu

Added “Multiplayer” menu option in the Options menu

Added Ability to keep all people at the same score in Multi-player

Added auto close option in the Options menu. You can now decide if you want to automatically quit the game after the number of rounds you selected.

Added Single player mode. Use the “S” key in the Options menu to select it. You can now play the game without multiplayer.

Added Visualisation options in the Options menu. Pause the game and activate them from there.

Added new Cello Ball. It has a metallic sound.

Added support for the Playa SHiR pad. Support is in progress for the Dancepad 2.

New player board

Added new colors for the 3D boards.


The player now rebounds the cells which means the cell path can cause you to go backwards

Auto Save

When you quit the game,


Mega Punchy Golf Free Download

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