Whether you’re actually interested in someone, looking for more of that single-status moonlighting you’ve been doing, or just looking to spark up conversation and potentially end up with a fun, interesting person to date, we’ve got you covered.

A note on this: If you are looking for a romantic relationship, we have a guide to dating for the long haul.

But first, a warning: All of these tips do apply to all situations, not just the traditional dating scenario. Use these tips and techniques to be more interesting, to get better at self-presentation, and to make the most of yourself and those around you. To keep your insecurities and self-doubts in check and make dating more fun, remember that it’s all about being comfortable with who you are.

1. Know Yourself Better

Some of the best dating tips are personal: It’s not just knowing yourself better, but presenting yourself to other people in a way that reflects the real you. It’s about you. To that end, we’ve got some straightforward, easy-to-follow tips for you to get to know yourself better.

First, say it like it is: Often, your opinion of yourself is based on other people’s reaction to you. If you’re really into the garbage you’re shoveling out, for example, it’s easy to lose track of your personal hygiene and all other external factors, and assume that people’s comments about you aren’t personal. It could be a little more terrifying to realize that you may not want to date the person you’re with, but it’s pretty hard not to suspect that someone doesn’t like what you look like. So say it out loud. If you’re in a relationship, it’s your partner’s job to find out whether or not you’re willing to be fully honest with the person that you’re dating. And if you aren’t, it’s your job to be honest with your partner. So stop using words like “amazing,” “terrific,” “great,” and “amazing.” Tell them what you’re really thinking or feeling about themselves.

Start by defining your values: Without realizing it, we all assume that people know we’re about as straight as they are. We assume that, just because they like us, they know we’re good people. Right? But if you want to go on a date, talk to them about their own values and beliefs and then think about whether your values overlap or http://www.spicysingles.co.uk/articles/kinky-free-hookups-in-uk-top-facts-to-know-about-british-girls
Your Partner Has a Different Shoe-Size Than You, So Why Not Learn to Love ‘Em?

Before you get into any trouble, realize that your partner’s shoes may not be quite the same as yours.

When I first started dating—when I was 22 and in the midst of my career-changing move to California—I decided that I needed to get out and meet some new people. So I hired a publicist to help me write a press release about me opening up a new business and gave out my number as my cell phone. My then-boyfriend worked for a company that was getting ready to open a new office in California, so I knew that he would receive a press release. I got a flood of calls asking if I was “the Michelle Obama of cell phone voicemail?” and I went to my boyfriend’s company’s company’s annual award dinner one night, where I got to meet all of his coworkers.

Things really took off when I walked into the men’s room at the restaurant where he was having his company’s annual gala, and one of his coworkers, who had received a press release about my work from my publicist, said: “I’ll be right back.” And he came running out of the restroom saying, “Oh, I just got to talk to you!” He and I ended up going out to a bar together that night, to see if we were the perfect “match”—and that started our courtship, about two years ago. We ended up staying together for over a year, and I moved out here to California, where he lives.

So I was kind of used to getting calls about my cell phone voicemail, and I really didn’t mind when he started getting his own flood of calls about me. But then one day, he called, and I knew something was up. He sounded really upset. I asked, “What’s up?” And he said: “Michelle, you are the prettiest cell phone voicemail I have ever received. And I have had really attractive people call me, but I’ve never gotten someone who sounded like you. I don’t know why you’re so beautiful, but you are.” And I was like, “Well, I’ll let you get back to work.”

The Bottom Line: If you and your partner are both into the same stuff, that’s great. You can avoid talking about material things that you don’t agree on and just make the most of what you have in


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