X Wars Deluxe (X-W) is a turn-based battle strategy game where each player controls a ship and a fleet of smaller ships or ground units. X-W is set in the far future where humans have colonized space and all of the major trading routes have been established. Now it’s time for humans to fight. It’s time for you to take arms and engage the enemy, in either ground or space combat.
During the course of the game, you lead a battle group on a new colony to expand the human race, or, join your rival’s battle group to strike a blow against him and claim the strategic area for your side of the galaxy. It’s a classic game of strategic warfare, with lots of action and risk in both the ground and space battle arenas.
Use the campaign mode to work your way through the galaxy, beating your rival’s battle group to new colonies and battling for strategic areas. Or, to spice things up, the optional “Challenge mode” lets you construct a custom battle group from a range of available units to battle each opponent in different game modes – just for fun.
You can also play X-W online, with a variety of real-time and turn-based game modes and see how you and your opponents do on the leaderboard.
Technology Level:
– Based on the core engine and framework from X-W’s original game (with some additional technology added in)
– Features 7 Campaigns (14 in total)
– Features 12 Game Modes – see below
– Play solo or cooperatively against other players
– Maps:
– 1 Campaign
– 12 Game Modes – see below
– Galaxy Map with 59 Systems
– Playable in both ground and space battles
– Randomly generated opponents
– Randomly generated bases
– RNG – random number generation to create unpredictability and increase gameplay replay value
– Several special effects (e.g. asteroids, fleet AI)
– Online Leaderboards
– Automatic saves for Campaign and Single Player
– Unit Development
– Custom Unit Races
– Custom Unit Families
– Custom Unit Classes
– Custom Unit Specializations
– “Basic” (default) Starting unit
– Some game features available in campaign mode are missing or limited in multiplayer
– Multiplayer Online
– Solo (no AI) or Co-op (AI)
– Random vs. Random – Computer will select a random map
– Friendly Fire – Turn-based; can


Little Packaging Crew Features Key:

  • Original art-style cut-scenes, voiced in German by professional voice-actors
  • Co-op mode
  • Original world
  • No magic or random battles
  • Multiple characters each with their own skill tree and equipment
  • New mission-sequence with different flow and reward system
  • No loading times. Just start where you left off
  • No cutscenes, even in the co-op mode. You get a mission overview on map, choose your allies and go.
  • No cars
  • No chat – just “orders”, many quests and a “victory conditions” screen if you win
  • For gamers who prefer a fast paced, challenge-oriented experience
  • Fast paced game, no slower-paced duty-based pace
  • Two-man crew, no one-man scenario
  • Face the enemies head-on, no stealth-sneaking
  • 15 online missions
  • 15 co-op missions.
  • Full match recordings
  • Multiplayer mode for up to four players
  • Improved textures, enhanced dioramas and lighting
  • Various patches and fixes.
  • Livvi.org-Preview

    Are you the creative type, or do you just appreciate design and art?

    If you answer yes to the latter, you should take a gander at the Livvi.org Preview.

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    What’s new in Little Packaging Crew:

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    System Requirements:

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    System Requirements For Little Packaging Crew:

    OS: Win 7 64bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows XP 64bit
    Processor: Intel Core i3-7000
    Memory: 4 GB
    Graphics: ATI HD 5870 or Nvidia GTX 460/560/570
    Storage: 18 GB available space
    Input: Keyboard, mouse
    Video Card: ATI HD 5870
    Wii VC Port: Wii Ware version only. For use with the Wii VC port, this WiiWare game cannot be installed to the Wii hard drive and must be installed to the Virtual Console.


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