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You are a prisoner of the streets where you no longer trust anyone. You’re not going to be tamed. Trust no one.
Spot the benchmarks in the game day and night and become a master – arm your guns with revenge! Kill thieves from other rappers and protect your album!
Game Music Thief:
Developed by.
Game Description:
He who adorns music from other rappers considers enemy number one. Kill all the thieves, each of them wants to take all your work. Your house is your fortress, clear it of thieves.
– Each traps from the next house are already working, they can hurt you, dodge and shoot all the benchmarks.
– Pixel art
This game also exists in the subtitle and the app stores.
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Sherlock Holmes Game
Sherlock Holmes – detective and paranormal investigator created by Tomas Haeck. Game includes three classic stories from Holmes, “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” “Silver Blaze” and “The Man with the Twisted Lip.” Where can you meet and play detective? In order to do this, you can read the original works of Sherlock Holmes, which were originally written for newspapers, and are now available in the web. But still there is no guarantee that the trail of even basic facts. In this game, you play as the famous detective, and can help him to solve the mystery. The game is set in London, where the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes lives, has a laboratory and cottage, and where there are a number of puzzles. You will be faced with hard tasks, but every step you can solve in the smallest detail. A huge challenge awaits you. Will you succeed?
Game Features:
– 5 classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries
– Realistic graphics
– 3-dimensional environment
– Realistic sound effects
– 8 difficulty levels
– 100 achievements
About The Game Sherlock Holmes Game:
A detective in the police is a man of unusual personal qualities and extraordinary mental power. These are the main requirements for detectives, and the career of the detective is one of the greatest mysteries of the time. The detective, as the most interesting character in a famous works of literature, has developed an excellent fanbase and has become the object of many works.
The game Sherlock Holmes is a detective game set in London, where you can take part in the activities of the famous fictional character, a detective of exceptional ability and knowledge. You live in the same area as Sherlock Holmes in


Little Busters! – PERFECT Vocal Collection Features Key:

  • hardware accelerated graphics
  • 16 player online multiplayer •
  • co-op mode
  • Play to log linear Campaign or play through one of six dynamic Multiplayer and Editor levels
    (including new "Challenge" levels for Multiplayer)
  • 24 achievements
  • 6 robot arm power ups ( and combinations of these ).
  • 6 retro inspired weapons ( end up being very appropriate based on the level you are on).
  • Explore a unique level design similar to shoot’em up titles such as Space Invaders, Runner or Jetpac.
  • 5 End Bosses
  • Player stats (and character progression) display in the single player mode.
  • Use the keyboard or mouse to control Frank and Drake’s movement and fire arm.
  • Frank can come in 3 sub classes, each with their own special abilities depending on their class and AI behavior.
  • General AI behavior
  • Frank and Drake allows you to toggle off stealth mode anytime at-any-moment.
  • Play using one or both microphones ( each mic is it’s own character, so you can create split screen).
  • Friend social features, like chatting, online achievements, sharing scores and rankings etc
  • support for both low end system like Raspberry Pi, Dream3l.00


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Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 11 is a game about connecting a bunch of objects. It’s a kind of matching game. With the help of this expansion pack you can enjoy many new levels and features. It will surely have lots of fun. Once you finish the Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 11 game, you will get new Fruit and Vegetables icons and new effects.
– Quick match game
– Full match
– Full match
– Simple rules
– Connect different objects
– Highscore table
– Creative and original puzzle game
– Relaxing gameplay
– Hints and tips
– Includes both english and polish language
Play this Puzzle Connect game now. You will never get bored. It’s so challenging. Enjoy.
————————————-The World of the Puzzle Connect————————————-
Puzzle Connect is a brain game with a puzzle twist. Connect the letters on the board to make the puzzle open. The longer the puzzle opens, the higher it scores. The longer the puzzle stays open, the harder it gets. Because of this, Puzzle Connect is more challenging than a traditional puzzle board game. But do not worry about that. You do not need to be a math genius. Each puzzle has a number value, which you can count. Therefore, you do not need to memorize complex calculations.
With the help of this puzzle, you will enjoy the world of the puzzle connect game. You can also improve your brain with this brain game.
You can also connect different puzzle boards with the help of this brain puzzle connect puzzle.
Fun game for kids and adults.
– Multi-levels of difficulty
– Relaxing and challenging gameplay types
– Classic and brand new levels
– Easy to play
– Hint function
– Stunning graphics and effects
– Fruit and Vegetables icons theme
What’s New:
– New screens and new gameplay
– New fruit icons
– New fruit and vegetable icons Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 11 is designed for adults and kids. With this DLC you will unlock new Fruit and Vegetables icons Matching theme.
– It’s a kind of matching game or connect game.
– Become an expert level by level.
– Full Match
– Relaxing and challenging gameplay types
– Classic and brand new levels
– Easy to play
– Hint function
– Fruit and Vegetables icons theme


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– Move the player through 3D space using the Oculus Touch Controllers (attached to the Player)
– With the Oculus Touch Controllers you can pick up items in order to gain additional player power
– With the Oculus Touch Controllers you are able to shoot asteroids on your enemies or save planets from incoming asteroids
The movement in Planet Guardian VR is being done by holding the left and right buttons and moving around.
While shooting, pressing and holding the left button will lock the first and third of the fingers to allow a quicker tap or faster blaster fire.
While shooting, pressing and holding the right button will lock the second and third fingers to allow a quicker tap or faster blaster fire.
The tracking in Planet Guardian VR is based on the 3D-Spacemodel of “Minion VR” and is displayed in front of you.
The asteroid movement is smooth, but slightly more complex than in “Minion VR”.
The movement of the asteroid is possible with the touch of the right trigger on the Playstation controller.
There is no limitation in the number of asteroids or player units you can shoot. You can shoot unlimited number of asteroids with the player units.
You can place countless items with the physical button of your controllers and gain additional player powers. Each of the players’ power is implemented differently.
What makes Planet Guardian VR a special game is the smoothness of the game-playspeed.
The game is moving at the speed you are moving. There are no cut-scenes, and you are always in the middle of a very amazing and fast-paced game.
The game is using a sprite-based, pre-rendered 3D scene by renowned developers “Meson Studios” and the Matrixgame Engine.

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PlayPlanetGuardian is a Multiplayer 3D experience which revolves around protecting planets from space rocks known as


What’s new in Little Busters! – PERFECT Vocal Collection:

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