Presenting the latest in fully rendered outdoor environments. Experience the glamor of Tokyo, along with the charm of the bustling city streets.
Every nation’s capital is home to much to see and do. So come on in, kick up your heels and let’s take a walk around the bustling streets.
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Take advantage of the exquisite backgrounds and the professionally drawn girls.

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Anime Jigsaw Girls – Office – Lite

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Features Key:

  • Fight with 16 distinct characters!
  • 7 different weapon types!
  • 14 different types of potions, scrolls and bombs!
  • Create your own, tailor-crafted party for a full-fledged 8-player MUD2 experience.
  • Placeable furniture, 28 new spells and 60+ monsters!
  • Four different difficulty settings – too much of anything is not a problem!
  • Optional online features include a full-featured chat module and a bot for horde battle.
  • In-game mail system!
  • Integrated characterbook and inventory system.
  • Slice ‘n’ dice option.
  • Complete map editor and editing of objects.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Multiple languages!
  • Single file executable. Almost zero dependancies!
  • Includes a stand-alone recorder.
  • Supports the Fallout2 Engine/MUD engine and uses the same engine-object files as the original Crowsworn.
  • Enough documentation to compete with any RPG/MUD in the market!


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Foxes, meat, shelter and ambitions. They are all you need to survive in this dark world.
Choose to play as either the shy and resourceful red fox or the tough and stealthy gray fox. With 28 different skills, you will find a fox that fits your playstyle perfectly. Match your playstyle to your fox. Complete the different challenges to unlock new foxes and skills.
Battle other players across the world for up to 15 foxes. Win the hearts of your rivals through setting ambushes, fighting solo and feeding your foxes with red meat. It won’t take long before your pack will start to grow and you’ll have to balance your daily tasks with creating a shelter and meeting your ambitious aims.
Join a fox pack and build your fame!
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This is a space exploration game where you explore the depths of space… or at least it was.
There is no space in the game, so there is nothing for you to explore.

You are a brave space explorer travelling through space. You are a small spaceship that has to complete a task that will make it a star in the sky and you will have to make sure that you survive the journey. Of course you are not the only crew of your spaceship, but don’t worry, there are other pilots who share this vision! Because the game takes place in space, you will never have to worry about falling and getting hurt.

The player’s task is to complete the level with enough time to collect all available parts (you have to lose points for missing part of your ship) and navigate through the level not get killed. You don’t have to worry about the destructible items on the level, because they won’t hurt you and they will be replaced by picked up items. If the player makes mistakes, or if they want to explore a bit deeper in the level, they will get lost in the gravitational pull of the planets.

The player is able to jump in the levels to explore the terrain and collect the coins and pickups. If the player is in the middle of a jump, they will continue moving straight through the current level.

Your vehicle is a tiny spaceship, just two and a half metres high. You are always starting with a full tank of fuel, but the fuel is a bit harder to pick up than other pickups. After picking up a fuel, you have to use it for as long as possible to fill your fuel meter. After every jump, a new area starts.

Every planet has two moons, one is the moon for the planet in its direct orbit and the other one is the moon for the planet in its anti-orbit. The player has to collect the moon of the planet in its orbit, there are three moons of every planet. The percentage of the moon in the correct orbit is shown in the compass of the screen, it is possible to collect the moons of every planet. Some moons take longer to collect than others, there are 10 moons of every planet and they are distributed at random positions in the level. The percentage of the moons in the correct orbit is determined when a planet is built.

When a planet is built (level is played twice), the planet will have double the moon in orbit. A planet is built after a third of the moon


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The film is set immediately after the Second World War had ended. The story tells the love story of Charlie (Nicolas Cage) and Ginger (Amanda Seyfried). The very first moment when I saw this film I was speechless. I just found the story heartbreaking, the characters so real, I could hear them talking and felt the pain they were feeling.


The soundtrack is full of positive energy, set immediately after the Second World War was over. It’s nice to have the music of old times. I just love the song and the melody, there was a healing feeling that the song brings to the film.


It’s obvious that Andrew Denton has been one of my favourite TV presenters for ever. He is an actor who can act, he’s a talented person, and he loves his work. If you’re watching TV or using the Internet, he’s been a guest or you can be certain you were watching his show.


The track is pure fun and infectious. In the first seconds you watch the video and you’ll immediately feel the energy. Paul brings the house down every time he performs, and the song reflects the energy and spirit he delivers. Read the lyrics to be able to understand the meaning of the song and enjoy listening to the end of the video.


The soundtrack is full of positive energy, set immediately after the Second World War was over. It’s nice to have the music of old times. I just love the song and the melody, there was a healing feeling that the song brings to the film.


This is the duo behind the horrific documentary about the West Victorian 20 years of the identity of who killed 8 year old Betti Longuet. It’s not a happy subject, but the two of them have done in a great way, with such passion, that in many ways it’s good. The lyrics of the song reflect the pain and pleasure of the victims and their families.


Shame the version of this song used in the sound tracks isn’t the original. This


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“Intrepid, Please” is an escape room with over-the-top elements in a visually stunning 3D world. It takes place in the near future: a secret spaceship has been discovered in the ocean and it is up to you to investigate it. Find your escape route and escape the spaceship before it explodes!
How to Play:
To start the game, just click on the “Intrepid” file. (In the Steam client, you have to right-click on “Intrepid” and select “properties” in order to play the game).
You will be given the option to choose the next level/scene, or to go to the main menu.
You will have access to the “point and click” camera, but using the mouse will not be the only way of interact with the game environment. You will be able to activate items and select through a variety of keypads and switches. You will be able to rearrange and reorder items and obstacles by dragging them with the mouse.
During the game, it will be possible for you to use items and security codes to manipulate things, and to hide them or destroy them to solve the puzzles. You can also open containers and check their contents in order to find the true solution.
In the final levels, the “point and click” camera will be replaced by a first person view.
If you want, you can pause the game at any time, and resume it later from the main menu.
Please note that the solution to the game might not be obvious to everyone. Therefore, we are making the game as easy to understand as possible.

Welcome to the world of Dungeon Balls, where your goal is to maneuver your way through a series of time limited levels. You are given limited time to collect the fruits, avoid the traps and solve the puzzles.
In the game there are a total of 24 Levels, each with a unique scenario. To beat the levels you will have to find the way out of the maze and collect all the keys.
This is a dark and suspenseful game. Your mind will be challenged to find a way out and find the keys while avoiding traps.
There are two game modes – Game mode and Last level mode.
The first one lasts 60 seconds, the second one lets you play till you complete the 24 Levels.
There are two delivery options:
1. You can


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