IPFlood (was IPFuck) € Firefox Add-on To Hide Your IP BEST


IPFlood (was IPFuck) € Firefox Add-on To Hide Your IP

IPFlood (formerly IPFuck) is a Firefox add-on designed to simulate the use of a proxy server. It doesn’t actually change your IP address (obviously) and… Continue reading →
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What’s the right method for enabling Firefox to use its proxy server when using an Internet Explorer and/or Chrome?
Instead of the Firefox Proxy server in use, Firefox is now using its proxy server, though you can still enable this on Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Booting Debian 6 from a flash drive on a Celeron 2.4 GHz with a 128 MB AMD video card ROM


Last updated: Apr 7, 2017

Inno Setup is a freeware graphical installer for software packages for the Windows operating system (including multi-language support, a progress bar, support for downloading and encrypting files, installation of optional features, etc.)LITTLE ROCK — Minutes before the polls closed in Tuesday’s primary elections across the state, Sen. Michael Capps called a press conference at the Capitol to implore a recount to be ordered in his race for a third term.

Capps said he believed that his lead over Lt. Gov. Mark Darr was too large to ignore and that the voting system was, in his words, “not humanly possible.”

“I believed that I would win,” Capps told the press at the Capitol, adding he might have been able to get away with arguing for a recount if his opponent had something to gain by admitting that he was behind.

Capps said he had little confidence in the state’s election system, noting that his campaign had actually hired out-of-state election experts to review the system before Tuesday.

It was the second time in less than a week that he had used the term “not humanly possible.”

In a conference call with reporters Monday, Capps told reporters in a heated exchange that Darr’s campaign had no obligation to respond to his calls for a recount.

“The state is saying it was humanly possible, I think it would be impossible,” Capps said Monday. “I’m not denying that this happened.”

Darr’s camp, for its part, said in a press release that Capps’ calls for a recount were “nothing more than another case of Michael Capps trying to manufacture a story to prevent an honest and long overdue recount from occurring.”

“Frankly, given the scale of the primary’s falsification, you would expect the Republican party to take a more aggressive approach in the face of this obvious political victory-distorting fraud,” said Darr spokesman Kit Beeler.

Capps said when he returned to his Senate office Tuesday, he discovered that someone had broken into his secure office and removed his campaign


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