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Tricky limit involving factorials and polygamma function

The following appears as a lemma in a paper by Chafaï (2013), p. 798, Appendix B.
Let $x,\mu\in(0,\pi/2)$, and
where $\psi(z)$ is the polygamma function.
\lim_{x\downarrow 0}\left(\frac{2}{\pi x}\mathrm{Re}\psi(1+iz)\right)^{\frac{1}{1+iz}}
The proof is done in such a way that it requires only some elementary properties of the polygamma function and it holds for every $x\in(0,\pi/2)$, i.e. also for $x=0$.

I suspect that this limit is well-known and that the reasoning is quite elementary. I also suspect that the substitution $z=x/(2z)$ is “unnecessary”.


Let $\mu := \pi/x$. Then, as $x \to 0$ we have $\mu \to 0$.
Then, as $x \to 0$ we have


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