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Mighty Number 9
Mighty Number 9
Windows PC
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Thomas “Tturd” Wood, Dr. G


Gameplay can be separated into two types: platforming and non-platforming. Non-platforming games do not have a platforming aspect, and are similar to a text or virtual adventure game.

Platforming games require the player to use the mouse or keyboard to move around a two-dimensional environment while jumping, climbing, wall-jumping, smashing or shooting their way through different levels and obstacles. These platforming games tend to have simple and clear control mechanics, in addition to a set of “gimmicks” or gameplay features. The player uses the mouse or keyboard to move and jump, while the controls generally feature control over the player character and the directions they can move. Scaling platforming games generally feature the player controlling their height in the world, while crouching or moving along walls is usually possible. Combat platforming usually involves the player using platform-mounted weapons.

Locations can either be pre-rendered or can be discovered and explored on the fly. Lairs are areas known to the player and can be explored with a specific level of item or energy. Treasure chests or lairs can also be interacted with by jumping on the chest, and can often contain items that can be used in the game world. Most games allow the player to create their own areas, from lairs to boss battles.

Some games include online features; either as a stand-alone mode or as an Internet-enabled platform.

Platform controls can be cooperative or competitive. Games with cooperative controls both allow and expect the player to help, or assist, another player. Games with competitive controls pit the player against an opposing team of real players (or bots).

Game genres
Platform games can generally be classified into one of three categories, though this can vary according to the platform.

Platform games
Platform games are platform games for platforms that follow the platforming genre standard. Although they were first released on consoles, many of the games on this list can be played on PCs and Consoles.


Freeware games are open source and free to play.


Features Key:


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Downloading additional game files such as audio, video, data,
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How to run shell commands in Sublime Text 3?

I’m using Windows 8.1.
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sublime text editor://open?grep=path:%f

I’m using sublime text 3.3.
How to run the command in Sublime Text?


It works in Sublime Text 3.
The grep command is the terminal grep.
grep is aliased to ggrep which is installed by default on most linux systems.
It can be called with:
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You could also use the sublime text navigation bar to search for the file:

For more Sublime features, see the SublimeWiki.


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