Roblox is an online video game for all ages. Kids can play games, build amazing things, and create their own games.
Roblox has introduced kids to the media industry using familiar platforms and creative tools. Children with a basic understanding of programming can build a game or website that’s perfect for storytelling and interactive experiences that they create.
Roblox is a free game that you can play on many devices including the web, computers, tablets, phones, consoles and TV.
Kids can create their own games or play the growing library of games offered on Roblox. Kids can also watch videos, play classic games, read creative stories, and much more.
Roblox is the place to play! In addition, there are many activities such as creating a game, watching a video, or reading a creative story.

Matt Chen created Micromona, a free children’s app.
Thirteen-year-old Matt Chen created Micromona, a free children’s app which is already the number one free app in the category. He has also released a TV show of the same name on Netflix.
Micromona is a very popular virtual world for kids and has earned millions since it’s creation in 2010. The app has over 20 billion page views and in 2013, Micromona was given a Guinness World Record for the most popular free app in the world.

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Roblox is an online game where members can have fun with their friends. No annoying ads, no paywalls and no time limits. Play free online games, create and share, vote for games, take part in discussions, and more. Roblox is full of surprises for kids and adults alike.
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Enjoy the game that has tons of replayability. Make new friends and work together to complete tasks. Battle other players and take control over your character.
Roblox has just added robots that can help you in endless ways.
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