Create, play and share immersive 3D games with your friends.
Featuring hilarious characters and lots of adventure, Lego Worlds builds and games are sure to please, thanks to clever gameplay, intuitive controls, and an assortment of fun surprises.
Lego Worlds consists of five worlds of play to explore, with each containing numerous games and adventures to engage and inspire your imagination.
With over 100 hours of story mode adventures, creative gameplay features and sandbox mode, Lego Worlds is the ultimate experience for the entire family.
Gameplay Features:
• Explore and conquer a sandbox mode where there is no right or wrong way to play.
• Play through an endless procedurally generated adventure or go head to head with friends in story mode.
• Discover creative gameplay features like Brick Drop, Mining, Motor Racing, Balloons, and Cargo forts that you can play alone or with friends.
• See what you’re made of with incredible gameplay stunts and achievements.
• Work with Lego characters in the Craftworks where you can create your own character and play with them in your own story.
• Dress, customize and create your own characters and play together with them in creative modes like Create-a-Mudball, Sports, and Fashion.
• Learn with the many puzzles, challenges, and minigames throughout the game that put your ingenuity to the test.
• Play with your friends or join up with other players in Player 2 Player mode, where you can challenge others to a duel or go on adventures together.
• Enjoy hundreds of voice-acted, story-driven missions and events by legendary Hollywood voice actors like Stan Lee, Corey Burton, Rosario Dawson, Jason Marsden, and many more.

Instant AutoMatch 2D


Instant AutoMatch 2D is a fun 2D shooter with many platforms, a wide variety of weapons, friendly or AI-controlled opponents, and tons of game modes. The game play is simple – take the lead and shoot your opponents before they can shoot you. Draw your foes in and kill them by taking cover. Use your weapons to their limits or be patient and try to outsmart your foes with carefully-timed traps.

For the multiplayer FPS game experience, Instant AutoMatch 2D features different game modes including Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Control Point, and more. Multiple players can have their own player settings or compete with each other in various settings.

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