Another great source of game downloads is Emulation Station. The name might suggest another site, but its actually a search engine that will search the Internet to find everything you need. Before you type your search into the search bar, select Browse Results, then search for the game you want. The best part about this search engine is that it’s updated daily. If you get a game you love, you’ll soon find other downloaders with the same game, too.

Other than that, most of the cracked sites are safe and will not trigger any kind of malware, such as adware, spyware, etc.. There are a lot of internet forums dedicated to games, which are populated by game enthusiasts that can offer some decent information on where to look for cracked or pirated games.

If you wish to watch TV Shows and Movies online without spending a penny, then you’ll have to make an account on but actually there are so many sites where you can download any movie and TV shows for free. If you are new on internet you will have to register using your Facebook details but don’t worry there are so many other sites where you can register without using Facebook. Also many websites which provide free content are not safe and contain harmful code. Many users have problems with their accounts while they click the play button which leads to security problems.

The popularity of these mobile applications cannot be questioned. One can find anything on the website. With a proper internet connection, one can use almost any mobile application. The most popular are Facebook and WhatsApp, which are free.


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