The most popular website for finding apps and other software, for both Windows and Mac, is Freeware Geek. It has a search bar at the top of its homepage, which lets you limit what youre searching for to Windows or Mac apps, and beyond that, you can limit the downloads by the license type, and some other criteria. Thats useful if youre trying to find a Linux app, for example, but not so much if youre after Windows software.

Its a site like Warez Bay that lets you download apps directly from their website. It has a vast number of apps in its directory, many of which are updated daily. And if the app doesnt work, you can leave a feedback. Some people even leave testimonials, and others vote on whether the app is good or not.

The site has a lot of information on a range of topics, from how to use things to how to fix errors to how to navigate the Windows system. With that amount of content, it’s no wonder its the go-to site for Windows tutorials. There are also a bunch of how-to guides on desktop applications, and even a playlist of some of the best Windows movies.

Filesonic is a site that lets you search for both free and commercial software. Its Toplist section features the best of the best apps, as ranked by a panel of editors. The good news is that its pretty comprehensive, and lists software you probably wouldnt find elsewhere.

It is good. After answering a question of yours about it,
I just checked out which is the primary site for 4chans,
where all the uploads happen. I didnt see the answer you were referring to.
I dont think that these kind of tools are as big anymore. But theres a future in that stuff in my eyes.


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