Cyber Grandmaster is an online alternative app store that allows users to look through different types of apps and games. Its clean design and user-friendly interface makes it one of the most popular websites for pirated software apps. Cyber Grandmaster is also well known for providing the latest versions of cracked applications and games.

The File Hosting website is a free website. It allows users to share their own website URL’s and their own non-file online via the site. Users can make their webpages visible to the public from which other users can access it. A website in this format also allows users to download any file on the internet and share it with their website.

VirtualDJ is a website that offers users to build a profile of their own DJ, music, and show how they can use it on their own private profile. It helps users to download songs legally and manage their files. One can also decide on the type of files one wants, and also check on the songs that are most popular among the people in a particular place.

Kapwing is an alternative platform to the traditional app stores, such as Play Store and App Store. The website is a trusty place to download third party applications and games, and the platform is also known for providing recent versions of cracked softwares

Ninite is an online web browser. It is a unique site that can help you install the latest versions of apps and games on your computer. You can now download apps legally and install them through its application manager. The site recommends software according to your OS and also provides the latest app versions on your computer.


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