This is one of the popular sites that offers cracked software for download. You can choose whether or not you want to give out your payment details. Aside from cracked software, the site also provides antivirus download, program registration key, crack software and crack warez.

This site is another pretty cool one that provides cracked software. You just click the button to download any cracked software from here. You can download cracked software and games as well. However, the same as many other cracked software sites, the site itself appears to be deceptive and scam-like. But since it is one of the few legit sites to download cracked software, it is a pretty good site.

Piracy, software cracking and pirating of software, data, media, and music, is not only illegal but also a bad idea. Although piracy is a great way of getting a legitimate free product, it also causes a huge loss to the software developers and the good performers. All software has a price tag associated with it and the authors / designers / etc. spent a lot of time creating the software. If you purchase the software legitimately, you are supporting the author directly.

The pirated version of the software is not only a product of a legal dispute between an author and a victim but it also has a huge impact on both the author and his consumers. It deprives the author of a part of his/her income and the developer of a part of his/her benefits. This is mainly the reason the authors of the softwares do not leave such piracy websites afloat.

Distributing cracked software over the internet is illegal. Crackmes or pirated warez are illegal and by purchasing them you are supporting warez and piracy. To understand the real essence of piracy and warez, check out and all the available legal information on Internet.


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