Android —— And the Iphone users you should worry about. Most iPhone and iPhon users dont have the choice of downloading from third party sites because theres no Google Play for iOS. If you download apps from unknown websites like Amazon or other stores, theres no easy way of knowing if they are legitimate or legally obtained, making it easier for third parties to do anything from trick you into installing malware, to selling your personal data to hackers.

The site has a plethora of games and as weve mentioned, we really like the free 7 day trial. The service also saves game key and it can even help you with setting up a a virtual machine. An app is also available which helps you manage your downloads.

If you cant be bothered with remembering game titles, The Game Database might just be the right site for you. This is a blog style torrent site with a lot of featured games, so you can always find a game youre looking for. The site is also very search-friendly which will come in handy later.

Theres a lot of simple mechanics on the TorrentPro Hosting client, such as the ability to download up to two torrents at the same time and creating news groups (which you can later add to) to organise your downloads easier. You can also use its P2P search engineto search for specific titles.

This is one of the most popular game torrent sites. Its very similar in interface to and generally gives a good selection of downloads. The only thing is the site is a bit more one-sided and weve used other games sites which give more of a balance.


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