The best PC game downloading site is This site offers a variety of great software, games, and media, and its updated daily with new games and software. The downside is its not as fast and up-to-date as Torrent Search, but if you want to download Windows software or games, it is one of the best sites. If youre looking for media apps, or general websites, however, you will be disappointed by what they have to offer.

Finally, if you’re looking for a site that doesn’t offer too many downloads at once, we recommend Torrents. Each file available on this website is searchable by its name and uploader. The downside is, its not as fast as the other three sites, but you can pretty much download anything you like. is one of the best game torrenting sites out there for game pirates. Its simple and reliable. And its one of the only reliable sites that offer cheats and guides. You can also download games here that are rare and not available on any other torrent sites.

Ninite is simple. The website presents you with a list of popular programs to select, and you check the boxes for all the apps you want. Then, clicking the download button will give you a custom installer file that bundles all the selected programs together, allowing you to install them in bulk.

Let’s start with Windows, which is the most popular operating system out there and the basis for the majority of the software we regularly download. If you’re looking to download an operating system, it’s best to head to Microsoft’s website, which is generally safe. If you’re looking to download Windows, the first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have a product key, if you don’t have one, you can get one on Microsoft’s site.


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