This site is probably the most popular one when it comes to installing pirated software. The user interface is clean and simple and it won’t confuse you with many factors at all. The site includes around 11,500 software titles and can be used as you like for pirated software download without further delays. Although this site is hosted on a proxy, it is still one of the best sites you can use to download cracked software, cracks & keygens.

It is one of the most powerful software cracked sources for software downloads. Though the software is available on torrent, it is also available as a cracked version. The software you get with this cracked version are the compressed title files. Since many of these cracked titles are not popular anymore, you will face a lot of difficulties when you try to download it from this site. So if you are a cracker, this site is the one to go for.

The software collection of this site is pretty extensive. You will find Office software, video games, multimedia/multimedia software, system software, educational softwares like MS Word, AutoCAD, Photoshop and more on this site. Though this site is a torrent site as well, it is not as popular as the other torrent sites. The reason behind is its tight security and hosting a clean site. So you can use this site for software downloads, you are provided with direct access to download the cracked software without facing any issue. So, if you are looking for a site where you can download cracked software for free, this is the one.

Though some of the software on this site is cracked, most of them are legit. The reason behind is the creators of these apps are using the nazi web server and not that of The Pirate Bay. You can easily download and install their cracked apps. If you are looking to test these apps before you have them installed on your computer, you can browse through the comments section.

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