Gaming torrents have become very popular these days. Their popularity is growing daily as more and more people use torrents to stream video games and movies instead of using the more conventional means. The following sites are some of the best gaming torrent sites available. We recommend you to check them out.

With a wide variety of high-quality games, both free and paid, Voodoocore offers quality content to thousands of users worldwide. Their perfect user interface and convenient download options make this an excellent website to visit if you are looking to download games.

Although it is sometimes referred to as a BitTorrent tracker, torrentfunk, a popular bit torrent site is also a torrent indexer. Torrentfunk has a well-developed search engine to help torrent search and download torrents. Its good to have a popular platform like torrentfunk. has earned the reputation as one of the best sites for obtaining copyright-free video games for free. This is a great choice for you if you want the latest games without installing software. 8bitrocket has a solid reputation as one of the best sites to download cracked games.

The best website to download free games out there. Because it requires no installation, it offers you a wide variety of games for free. The website itself offers you the torrent link so that you can browse and download the game of your choice.

Torrent Sites is a website that allows you to download games for free. Torrent Sites is also a great place to search for games of your interest. However, while searching for your favorite game, the website shows you other games of your interest too. You might like them too and want to download them.


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