There are so many websites out there trying to emulate each other in some way. They all claim to be the best site for this. Really? Here, we describe the features and guides we have developed in order to bring you the best online site to download games and apps. Perhaps you think our site is the best on the Internet. Well, here is why.

While I searched and found some information, only one website can provide the direct download links for each game/app. And the 1st website I came across doesn’t contain all the apps and games. Why should we post more links and info if we get credit for it!

Best site to download cracked and full version? Google Play Store is a mess. No clean directory listing. In fact, its less relevant to PC users, as its still restricted to Android phones and tablets. If you use Windows, you might be interested in CrackBerry. This site has more than 1 million members. It has a clean directory listing, and you can choose all the crack apps that you need. For a larger number of Android apps, we strongly recommend using the GetJar store.

Ninite is simple. The website presents you with a list of popular programs to select, and you check the boxes for all the apps you want. Then, clicking the download button will give you a custom installer file that bundles all the selected programs together, allowing you to install them in bulk.

Doing a BitTorrent search does filter out all of the super illegitimate sites. If you need help with your in-game or out-of-game browsing needs, check out our guide to cracked software. There are dozens of not just games, but games mods, other software, and entire entertainment categories. When youre looking to download games for cheap, this is the place to come.


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