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Data Augmentation

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to perform data augmentation on images using TensorFlow. Data Augmentation is an
important component of modern deep learning models. To improve your model performance, it is often necessary to
augment data to increase the model’s training data. Using the augmentation techniques we’ll learn in this tutorial,
you can create images that have:

Adjusted brightness, contrast, or saturation

Added color noise or grayscale noise

Upsampled the image

Implement Data Augmentation in TensorFlow

Let’s say you have a dataset of images of cats. Using this dataset, you train a classification model to predict the
class of an image of a cat.

Docker Images

In this tutorial, you’ll use a Docker image to perform data augmentation on the dataset of images. You have the
choice of using a prebuilt image or building your own image from scratch. In this tutorial, you’ll use the following
Docker image:

Standard Image

Type Docker Image

apt archive:nvidia/cudatoolkit-9.0-37.08.01-ubuntu16.04_cud9-runtime.deb

You may use any Ubuntu 16.04 standard image.

In this tutorial, you’ll replace the standard image of the container with your own image.

Build Images from Scratch

Follow these steps to build an image from scratch:

Activate the Docker service on your PC:

log in to your Docker desktop

in the left navigation bar, select Explore to open the Docker Explorer

If you’re using MacOS, press Command+Spacebar to open the menu bar. Then, select More and then Docker from the
Menu Bar

If you’re using Windows, the Docker menu bar is under Taskbar and is usually on the far right side of the screen.

Double-click the Docker Explorer icon on the Dock or in Windows taskbar and click Create Image

Click the Parameters tab.

Enter a name for the image (I called mine augmentation-tf2.0).

Select Ubuntu 16.04 and click Save.

The image name and version is captured in the Parameters fields

Activate the docker service on your PC. You’ll learn more about this in the next section.

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Google Maps – Possible to make accurate nautical geolocation?

I’m creating a webapp that will need to know the exact latitude and longitude of locations.
Are there any options on google maps that give me this accuracy?
For example:
The latitude and longitude for the location are given as Sydney, NSW – and I want to give them as accurate as possible.


There is no “correct” accuracy, I’ve been using Google

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What is the tens digit of (-10988)/(-70) – (-4)/(-10)?
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What is the units digit of 8/(-80) – (-1091)/10?
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