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Difference between int a[4] and int *a

Can anyone tell me the difference between
int a[4];
int *a;

I mean which one is better in use?
Can we pass a as pointer or array?


Consider the following code:
void func(int *a);
void func(int a[4]);
int main()
int a[4];
func(a); // calls func(int *a)
func(a); // calls func(int a[4])

In the first call to func, func is called with a pointer to an int. In the second, func is called with an array of four ints, i.e. a pointer to an array of four ints.

Can we pass a as pointer or array?

No. But the difference between pointer and array is not the array per se – it’s the fact that a pointer can point to a different type of object than what the array points to.
In the call to func,

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, 14.10.2018Ϭ @ 07:06
Is there a way to upload under different name? For example, I created a. The templates are not so good to look at in (among. I also have a geo5 template for spline objects and was wondering if it would be possible to use this to make a.pdf file (and also the.jpg files, that are also in the zip.
15.10.2018Ϭ @ 12:02
5.0 Pack (RU-BNT).
18.10.2018Ϭ @ 00:16
5.0 Pack (RU-BNT).
.1.0 (MS Windows).
Hint: Search.5.1 (MU-BNT).5.2 (MU-BNT).5.3 (MU-BNT).5.4 (MU-BNT).5.5 (MU-BNT).
17.10.2018Ϭ @ 19:53
5.0 (MU-BNT).
1.0 (MS Windows).
2.0 (MU-BNT).
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3.0 (MU-BNT).
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2.1 (MU-BNT).
4.0 (MS Windows).
2.0 (MU-BNT).
13.10.2018Ϭ @ 04:17
To download the patch instead of the full program, in the installer go to the Select File or Method tab and click the down arrow next to. This will take you to the directory where the update is saved..5.3 (MU-BNT).5.4 (MU-BNT).5.5 (MU-BNT).5.6 (MU-BNT)
1.0 (MU-BNT).
4.0 (MS Windows).

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