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Limited edition of the game Haunted Hotel: A Past Redeemed, with exclusive bonus content!
Discover a game with a modern style, a great gameplay and many details to discover.
From the ancient walls to the corridors, find everything!
Explore all the rooms and solve the puzzles.
Combining intuitive controls and up to four players, Haunted Hotel A Past Redeemed is surely one of the best Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure games.
Like any good HOP, Haunted Hotel begins in a room. In this case, it’s the Master Suite where you’ll find the greatest mystery of all. Solve the puzzles, jump through all the doors and enjoy the fun and the challenge in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
Left Mouse Button or Gamepad: Movement
Right Mouse Button: jump
D-pad: interact with the environment
A haunted hotel. Haunted Hotel – you’re getting married! After narrowly escaping on your last case with your beloved, it’s finally your wedding day. But your excitement and resolve are quickly put to the test when your cousin goes missing and ghosts start taking over your venue! Can you defeat an old adversary and change the course of fate before it’s too late? Find out in this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!
Be careful not to trigger the secret room! Why is there even a secret room in your hotel? And will you find out what’s inside?
“A great concept but under-polished.” – A Game Critic
“Never a game I would have anticipated back in 2007 but that’s now part of my library.” – I Love Gaming
“…bear in mind that this game is not an rpg, it’s a single player puzzle game.” – Your Highness, Game Collector
“Ghostly fun, this one is worth checking out.” – AppDB
“An attention to detail when it comes to both puzzles and atmosphere provides a surprisingly great gaming experience.” – GameSit
★ FUN with Friends – Play in game with two or four players!
★ Endless unique HOP gameplay!
★ Captivating atmosphere with a twist.
★ New Game+ mode for endless fun!
★ New graphics and puzzles!
★ Ultra HD support for 4K and High Dynamic Range displays.
★ Special Collector’s Edition bonus content!
★ New levels!
★ Randomly generated puzzles!


Features Key:

  • More than 100 adventures!!
  • All the worlds online!
  • 5 adventure game modes!
  • Cross-Platform, cross-region, cross-regional..
  • 1-Click to play in browser!
  • You can play outside you Macbook? It all works well!
  • Review on The App Store & Google Play!
  • Can play on portabl PDAs?
  • Auto update
  • Multi-Core Processor and GPU
  • Auto-detect and show related games when launch
  • Compatibility to Force Touch and 3D Touch
  • Compatible with Macbook Pro (2015 and later models).
  • Some optional extra features also if you are lucky! (see below)
  • It will be granted you the highest level of privacy and security, never stored or uploaded.
  • Integration with Device at Disconnect:
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    Metera is an action-RPG set in a fictional future that takes place ten centuries after a meteor shower sent the Earth into a state of chaos and devastation. Players take on the role of a young woman who must work her way through a post-apocalyptic Earth in a quest to locate and destroy the pieces of the meteor and save the planet from destruction.
    Key Features:
    Player progression is largely determined by how the player fights and how he/she interacts with non-player characters. Players may have to accomplish certain goals in order to recruit certain NPCs, defend themselves from NPCs, forge tools that may be used later to accomplish their next goal or they might be tasked with guarding a location until certain events occur.
    Players are rewarded with experience points and money in order to buy new weapons and items, and by distributing this currency they can trade it in for new tools and equipment.
    The weapons have different stats, such as strength, speed, accuracy, firing rate, health, etc. They also have different parts which may be swapped out depending on which weapons the player decides to use.
    Player’s performance in game and how the player fights can significantly alter the overall world state, depending on how many NPCs the player kills and how he/she attacks. The player can also perform special actions, such as hiding from certain NPCs, triggering traps and recording a special message.
    Protecting areas
    While exploring an area, a player can encounter NPC’s and fight them. NPCs can be killed and their body parts can be added to an area. When certain NPCs are killed, you will get experience points that you can use to acquire better weapons/tools. You will also get money for killing NPCs. You can also get new areas or items from them. It is possible to stock up on money and then upgrade and improve your weapons by using that money. You can use the money to acquire weapons with better stats. A few items can also be unlocked if they are encountered.
    Players will not only get rewards from killing NPCs and collecting their parts, they will also gain experience points that can be spent on equipment and upgrades.
    Besides money, the player will receive a number of rewards for completing certain activities. Each reward requires a certain amount of experience points. All rewards, except the last, are made available by rewarding certain specific NPC’s with a specific amount of money.
    In order to get all the rewards, the player will need to accomplish certain objectives.
    Earning Experience Points:


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    What’s new in FUSER™ – Dirty Vegas – Quot;Days Go By Quot;:

    ; A Photographic, Documentary History

    Chapter 1. Introduction and Sources

    On April 4, 1944, with the 99th Infantry Division of the German army nearly literally on its last legs and with an armistice looking increasingly possible, Heinz Guderian, Chief of the Panzergruppe Guderian
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    This book is a photographic and observational account of the journey. Guderian, one of the fathers of armored warfare, wrote a book in English on the subject, The
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    The first section, “Around the Fuhrer”, contains General Guderian’s story, which is told in his


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    System Requirements:

    -Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit OS)
    -1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor
    -1 GB RAM
    -500 MB Free Hard Disk Space
    -DirectX 9.0c
    Recommended System Requirements:
    -2.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor
    -DirectX 11
    Minimum System Requirements:


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