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Welcome to the magical land of Roblox! Explore an infinite world full of wonder and adventure, and create all of your own magical adventures. It’s just a game – but one that can make your real-life amazing.
• Play over 67 MILLION Games: Choose from hundreds of free games, or take on endless adventures with limitless gameplay possibilities. The possibilities are truly endless!
• Play with Friends: Create your own magical story with millions of players around the world.
• Roblox games come in many different genres, such as adventure, action, sports, strategy, and more!
• Players can earn special in-game items with every game played, and these items can be used to decorate their own dimension and play together.
• Customize your avatar with thousands of items in all sorts of colors, designs, styles, and materials. With Roblox, there is no wrong way to be.
• With six different control methods, players can play Roblox how they want.
• There are over two hundred languages and thousands of dialects on Roblox!

DIY Lasagna Pan You can make lasagna yourself from scratch in minutes, and this homemade lasagna kit can get you started in just about any shape you’d like! A great, inexpensive way to learn to make lasagna, this kit is a great way to impress your friends at a party, or a wedding.
You’ll need:
(6) Lasagna Pan
(2) Spatulas – Sauce Spatula is good for cooking spaghetti as well.
(2) Large Meat Hooks – Good for picking up the noodles.
(13) 3/4″ Lasagna Noodle – for slicing noodles when you need them.
(12) 5 1/2″ Wooden Spaghetti Boats
– Get them through Amazon or Walmart – When I got my first set, I was frustrated at the initial price, until I found them in the dollar area of Walmart…
(2) Hardwood Charcoal Bundles
(2) Non-Stick Metal Baking Tins
(5) Parchment Paper Wraps
(2) 8″ Pizza Patience Baking Stone
(1) 9″ Patience Baking Stone
Baking Sheet Temp – I got mine from Amazon for $18 – 12 for $18


Features Key:


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Today my family and I go to a town that is called, “Big Flats”. This place is amazing and full of awesome opportunities! Get ready for some fun times, lots of smiles and such!
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John wants to go fishing on a special fishing trip that he has organized. He comes to his favorite fishing spot, a pond in the woods. He waits patiently for the right moment to cast his rod, he knows the fish are out there. He is hardly fishing at all when all of a sudden a gun goes off! He is hit in the head with a fishing pole and knocked out. Once he comes to, he finds himself in hospital, with his head bandaged and his cat sleeping in his hospital bed. He finds a card on his hospital bed table. It says, “Good job! You got fish for dinner tonight!”
My cat ran away yesterday I guess he got bored in the house…

Today I found some interesting facts on a wall
1.All mammals are mammals.
2.Dogs are not actually dogs.
3.The largest land mammal is the hippopotamus.
4.The longest animal’s tail is the giraffe.
5.Horses come from the word, “horses”.
6.Mammals have 4 equal limbs.
7.A tapir has a very long tongue.
8.An elephant has small ears and big feet.
9.Tigers have stripes on their face.
10.Iguana’s can be male or female.
11.The world’s oldest mammal is the armadillo.
12.Monkeys have tails.
13.“Monkey” is derived from the word, “monkey”.
14.A kangaroo comes from the words, “kangaroo” and “rock”.
15.The leading cause of death among dogs is old age.
16.A domestic cat�


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