Free Download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2009 SoftwareDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Free Download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2009 Software

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Open Form. Don’t see that type of file? · We’ll get back to you shortly, to discuss the details of this problem. tools for original equipment manufacturers, equipment suppliers and system integrators.. The 2014 Autodesk Inventor Design Suite includes Autodesk Inventor Professional,.Q:

How to attach an image in PowerPoint and how to upload file in XML

I have a large PowerPoint document that I am loading into a PowerPoint Slide. Within this document I have images that need to be included in the slide. The easiest way to do that is to place the image file inside the same folder as the PowerPoint file. I have a bunch of code that works fine if I’m dealing with an image file.
Except I need to automate the process and include an image that isn’t in the same folder as the PowerPoint file. I found this question on stackoverflow and figured it would work, but it only worked with an image file. I tried adding the file a folder the same as the PowerPoint file, but it didn’t work. Here’s a snippet of my code:
public void loadPowerPointSlides(string folder)
var pptApp = new Application();
var pptPres = pptApp.Presentations.Open(folder);
var pptSlide = pptPres.Slides.Add(Type.Missing, 9, 9, new SlideFormat(PictureBox1.Image));

I know that I could add the image file location in the folder name, but I’d have to duplicate that code for each file I have.
How do I upload a file to a PowerPoint file? How do I attach a picture to a PowerPoint slide?


Try this:

You may have to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint, but I think it should work.
Or use open xml sdk, for example PowerPointOpenXml SDK


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