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Frank S Budnick. 92-296 Applied Mathematics for Business, Economics and. solutions manual to Applied Mathematics by Frank S.. 4th Edition. FrankS Budnick Applied Mathematics 4th Edition Solution.rar. M. to the students, schools, and people making a difference.. » applied.Q:

How to format row on google spreadsheet so that the number digits are aligned properly

I am using a Google Spreadsheet to manage donations. The spreadsheet is created and maintained on the Google side as part of the processing of the donation. I then import this spreadsheet into our own system when it is created from the Google form. As part of the import of the spreadsheet, I have been copying and pasting various bits of formatting and formatting of the cells into the spreadsheet, which gives me what I want. The issue is that there are quite a lot of the sheet (e.g. over 100) and so doing that in every row is time consuming.
As a result, I tried to make a column of formatting rules that would apply to all rows where there were any digits. So, the sheet would look like

“3.7” or “CC” or “23.7” or “Paid”

Where the “3” was the decimal place, “3.7” was then 3 followed by a decimal place and then 7 after the decimal, etc. The problem with this solution is that because the column is sharing formatting from all rows, they all line up in the same alignment, as shown below.

Any idea how I could get this done so that each row is aligned individually?
I have tried doing it directly in the spreadsheet in the formatting dialogs, but that didn’t seem to work.


You can use

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