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Flexisign Pro 7 6 V2 Full Version

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7 ist eine unter


01-13 21:13 PM

Guess: I guess you are not aware of following quote.

IMHO, go to the consulate and get his papers changed. It sounds crazy… but I really did go through this with my wife. She’s Canadian. But she had a green card. She got her papers changed and now she is a permanent resident. You should do that too.

I spent some time trying to research online if this was legal, and was shocked to find that it had been attempted before. I could not find any reference to it, so I decided that I would try it.

Anyway, after going through the paperwork with a friend in the consulate (who has family in the States), we decided that this was a good idea. After much spending on lawyer fees (more to cover the consulate for what was not a felony to them, than for his lawyer fees), my wife was set.

It was a pain in the butt. I spent the next three days with her in the clinic – looking at blood to make sure it was clean, getting our numbers and papers double checked – but we were finally done.

I hope you can get things straightened out. It is possible with a law called “Family Abroad”. I believe it is spelled with an S, not an E.

Thanks for your input, and good luck with your petition.



10-15 10:49 PM

I think we all should know that all the laws in the USA are not intended to be followed.

Law of unintended consequences.

I dont know how well you follow this, but The Kenyan law was intended to eliminate the illegals from coming to USA, given the reaction of the public, it has encouraged more people to come.

So you are not supposed to follow the law if you dont want people to come, get that?

So, now the result is many more people here.

So do you really think thats a good thing?

I dont think even a libertarian would agree with that.

If you guys think that its wrong to come to USA, just do it right?


01-20 05:29 PM

And this is what comes when we or our ruling class can’t control the situation and need to resort to DEBT.

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