Despite the fact that PDF files provide one of the most convenient manners to exchange data inside a multi-platform network, not all Windows editions feature a dedicated PDF viewer (available in Windows 10). PDF editors, such as FlexiPDF, grant you the right to modify the content of the file, rather than just viewing it.
Navigate through PDF documents and edit their content
FlexiPDF is a PDF viewer and editor that features basic text processing and object management tools ready to help you alter the content of any PDF document. Moreover, it can create new PDF files or export existing ones in various formats, for further editing.
The application can handle multi-page PDF documents but, unfortunately, it cannot open more than one document inside the same window. On the plus side, it displays page thumbnails, which makes the navigation within the document much easier and faster.
Manipulate pages, paragraphs and text inside your PDF file
The text editor comes with basic options to customize the font style, change the text spacing and the paragraph layout. Aside from these simple options that can be found in any text editor, this application enables you to insert new pages in the PDF or remove unwanted ones, export PDF content, or send it via email.
Additional tools are meant to help you remove page areas you don't need, merge text columns to improve workflow, insert and manage hyperlinks. Moreover, larger texts can be automatically turned into article threads to structure the information and make it easier to read.
A PDF editor with OCR and text translation
While its interface would need a makeover to match today's trends, FlexiPDF is a good PDF viewer and editor. The Pro edition allows text translation and features OCR support, also providing encryption tools for your documents.
Opening multiple documents is possible but in different windows. Implementing a tab-based GUI to allow users to work with more than one document at a time would definitely add to its value.


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FlexiPDF Crack + [Win/Mac]

Introducing FlexiPDF: The most powerful PDF editor. It is the only text editor with the power of the best PDF readers. Open, edit and convert files within minutes!

This is a Windows program used to show the Windows NT manager icons in the Windows task bar.
This is a Windows program used to show the Windows NT manager icons in the Windows task bar.

A soundboard utility with simple features
PianoMate is a soundboard tool with simple features that allow you to manipulate sounds via MIDI, simple file conversion, and sound font selection. You can get the sounds from different sources, as well as save them to MP3 and.wav files and use them as sounds in different programs.

A visual port scanner
Using the VirtualBox version of the program you can scan the entire system for inactive and open ports, as well as monitor external IP addresses via port forwarding. The program also supports the creation of custom rules to be executed on port scanning.

A tool for maintaining the integrity of your backups
Backup Tracker is a utility designed to provide you with a simple and effective way to monitor your backups. It doesn’t matter what size or type of your backup the program provides support for, and they can be virtually transparent to the user.

A Windows utility used to run multiple documents from Microsoft Office. It can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and one of its add-in tool.

A tool for converting your photos
PhotoEd is a fast and portable photo editor created to edit your photographs and to perform basic image processing. The application has a simple interface, and the function list provides you with tools to make your images look even better.

Folder Protector
Folder Protector is a light-weight utility that provides you with a simple way to find, send, and delete sensitive files. The program features powerful options to enhance the level of security, as well as full support for FTP and FTP/SFTP protocols.Hyderabad: With rainy season about to set in, Kookeram Cement Ltd, the largest captive cement plant in the country, is preparing for a bumper monsoon. While the period between May and June has been dry, the company is expecting rain to hit the region next week, resulting in a 650-percent hike in production.

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FlexiPDF Crack+ Free [Win/Mac]

Navigate through PDF documents and edit their content
Enjoy Free PDF viewer and editor that allows you to modify the content of any PDF file.
Edit content, select pages, modify layout and add new pages.
Create new PDF files or export existing ones in various formats, for further editing.
Manipulate pages, paragraphs and text inside your PDF file
Insert new pages in the PDF or remove unwanted ones, export PDF content, and send it via email.
Changes font, change text spacing and paragraph layout.
Insert hyperlinks.
Insert hyperlink label.
Import PDF pages into own Office Word document.
Larger text can be automatically turned into article threads and make it easier to read.
PDF document composition
Language: English

SoftMaker Website Builder is a Web-based software product that allows you to quickly and easily build your own custom websites. It does not require you to be familiar with HTML or technical coding; instead, users simply point and click to add and remove content, change the look and feel, and make dynamic page transitions. SoftMaker Website Builder can be used as a turn-key solution for creating professional-looking websites or web-based applications. Users can choose from a variety of Home, Professional, Business, and Multipurpose templates, then customize their layouts further by adding their own layout elements.

There’s nothing wrong with the software, because it’s extremely easy to use and versatile. Once you download it and get a free licence it will allow you to create and manage unlimited websites on your computer. It’s ideal for newbies as it’s a wonderful way to start creating your own site. The website builder supports a wide variety of platforms like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Samsung, and more. You can even upload videos and images to it.

The free version comes with a free website template, and you can use this to create a static website for free with a few simple clicks. Once you’ve created your template, you can customize it with your own logo and colours, and add a variety of content and elements to your website. There are dozens of templates available to choose from, including ones specifically for photo albums, blogs, portfolios, or for businesses. In addition, you can add your own images, music, and videos to the pages. If you opt for the paid version, there are various goodies that you can access, including integrations with social media, automatic image rotation, customizable headers, special effects, and more.


Want to edit, remove, insert, edit, merge, combine, split, or translate content in your PDF files? Join over 250,000 users worldwide who use PDF editor as a way to change the text inside their PDF documents. Edit text, tables and graphics, insert pages, delete unwanted parts, and more – in just a few minutes.
Features include:
Edit text, tables and graphics.
Insert pages.
Delete unwanted parts.
Merge pages.
Combine text and images.
Split a document into several PDFs.
Export documents as image, web page, text, and HTML.
Save as Microsoft Word document and export to other formats.
Edit text, tables, graphics, and hyperlinks.
Optimized for use on tablets.
The free version of PDF Editor won’t let you open more than one document at a time. You can upgrade to the paid version if you want to open more documents at once.
Key features include:
“Change Content” interface
Edit existing text; fonts, paragraphs, page layout, etc.
Append text to existing text; overwrite text; insert text between pages, split documents, etc.
Edit tables
Insert images from a folder; view images
Display “Tabs” to improve user experience; create and edit documents
Create new pages; merge; split; and export files;
The paid version includes:
OCR support
Remove unwanted pages
Manipulate text using Text Analysis Features
Manipulate text using Text Processing Features
Detect Text by Page and Text by Shape
Google Translate Text
PDF encrypt feature
PDF watermark feature
Import from Microsoft Office Word
Password-protect documents
The ability to export in PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3, PDF/A-3.3, PDF/A-4
FlexiPDF Error Messages:
Q. “I keep getting this message when I open a file:
Error: Could not find a TOC-enabled META application. It may be needed to
turn on the print support for the document.”
A. PDF:Viewer cannot be run as admin.
I tried this program on a Vista system with the Pro version.
The program would not open a document. It complained about an unmet
dependency and gave me a nasty message about not being an administrator.
I am now running the Free version. It still does not load the print

What’s New in the?

This is a trial version of the full version.

The trial version contains up to 50 pages and 20MB of PDF documents and allows to view, print, edit, convert to other formats and send files via email.

PDF files with up to 50 pages.

PDF files with up to 20MB.

Rotate, print, edit and convert PDF files.

Preview and send PDF files through email.

PDF annotations.

Additional tools to manage multiple PDF files, import/export PDF documents.

Reports and printing for PDF files.

FlexiPDF Screenshots:

FlexiPDF Full Version Free:



It is an open source and not windows-compatible program. Although it has extensive documentation, you may end up spending a lot of time getting started with its interface.

This software is only available for Mac users.

Changing some of its options may take some skill, as the program is quite a bit different from other software.


Although the programs above have their limitations, they may be the solution you need. On the other hand, if you have a printer or need to work with only a small number of pages, another option might be more suitable, such as Adobe Reader. However, if you have a few PDF files you need to deal with, you should try either FlexiPDF for Windows or PDFXpert Premium, as they provide an ideal solution.

Other Software Reviewed:

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A resume is an important document that is used by job seekers to present themselves when they are applying for different types of jobs. It is a formal document that normally includes all of the applicant’s qualifications and work experience. It is also a document that is needed to show that the applicant has the knowledge and skills required for the job. Since most employers search on the internet for the best candidates for their job vacancies, a resume is necessary to help in that process.

A typical resume includes the applicant’s full name, email address, telephone number, current address and current employment status. It should also include their employment history, education qualifications and skills, awards or recognitions, employment objectives, and skills

System Requirements:

Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
1 GHz or faster processor
512 MB RAM
DirectX 8.0
20 GB available disk space
Multi-core or higher processor recommended
Processor DirectX Requirements:
Processor DirectX Version: Version 9.0 or higher
Processor DX Level: Version 9.0
Processor DX Features: Shader Model 5.0
Processor DX Profile: Portable

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