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December 21, 2009

The mom who put up with all her children’s outlandish and sometimes embarrassing behavior when they were kids has the last laugh, at least metaphorically. It was her “mom logic” that sent her son to hit the road in December.

His problems were heard and understood (so much for that “no judging” scenario). Her ability to talk about life-adventurer Seth Everett as if he’s a familiar face helped him greatly.

“There’s a part of me that felt like, ‘Are we gonna talk to my dad or are we gonna talk to dad mom?’” was the way Everett explained the situation.

The “mom” talked to her dad first. “He was a boat captain,” said Everett. “Mommy could just see him scuba diving in the Caribbean and doing not much of anything.” The dad talked to his dad (Everett’s stepfather) and it was clear. “He had a very soft spot in his heart for me,” said Everett. “So I just made it my business to find that spot and I’d make him feel better.”

“Dad’s not what you expect. He’s very calm and cool. He’ll make you feel at ease,” Everett has discovered, as have his mother and stepfather, who, as Everett notes, were “a real unit” on the “scuba diving trip.”

“The best thing you can ever do is make your father feel good.” For Everett the spotlight was cast (literally) on his extreme sports. He’s a surfboard and snowboarder who’s competed in several contests. An extreme sports event called the Winter Extreme has been a hit among spectators and athletes alike.

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Satellite simulazione esterna · plusUnifor Unveils Plans for Ontario Election

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Jan. 25, 2010) – Canada’s largest union,
Unifor, today released its election platform before the Ontario
elections in June.

The platform builds on the demands laid out by Unifor Ontario workers
in their letter to Ontario’s Conservative Premier in October 2009. The
letter demanded that the government:

• Commit to repealing the controversial concessions clause, which
curtails workers’ rights and has no place in the modern Ontario

• Enact a public auto-sector pension plan.

• Enact legislated increases to Ontario’s minimum wage rate.

• Enact a real annual cost-of-living increase for public service
workers, beginning in 2010.

The Canadian Labour Congress, which represents the Canadian
government, provided $100,000 to the campaign.

“Many Canadians are looking to Unifor to lead them out of the
darkest economic crisis the nation has faced in decades,” said
Liette Doucet, Unifor’s National President. “And that’s what we’re
doing, working to guarantee millions of jobs for workers, and
providing quality services to every Ontarian. We are committed to
open, honest and accountable government. We know that public service
workers, nurses and teachers are under attack today, and we won’t
stand by and let that happen.

“Ontario workers are clear

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