“The years between 2010 and 2014 were an interesting time for the FIFA franchise, as hardware constraints meant that the game’s physics engine and animations could only be improved incrementally,” explains SVP of Product Development, Dan Altman. “So we had to find solutions that could make the most of the new content we were developing at the time.

“Naturally, we had access to the massive amount of data the player movement and animations generated – and we’ve used that data to make a huge impact on the game.”

The result is a sport of utterly realistic ball control and shot accuracy, whose physics no longer simply react as you would expect, but more accurately reflect the movements of a real player.

FIFA 20 introduced Highlight Reels, and in FIFA 22 it’s the inclusion of the Autonomous Style of Play system that most directly draws on user generated data.

“We all know what it’s like to watch a truly great player,” says Altman. “The player that gives away the ball but makes it up with their skill, a player who can make a brilliant pass but go on to score, or a player who explodes through a crowded penalty area… And of course, there’s the turnover, interception and everything else that’s involved in a game of football.

“The trickiest aspect was linking the player profile to the game, so we could capture all of these real-life movements. In FIFA 20, the game would recognize the types of tackles we were recording, and the values would be used for the game’s physics. In FIFA 22, we’ve extended that to every single player on the pitch, and the game will analyse all the movements that were being recorded for each player – even the ones that weren’t recorded specifically for the game.

“We’ve improved our ability to predict all these player traits – and much more besides – which has allowed us to create the largest collection of AI behaviours in the history of the franchise.

“By using real-life examples as the basis for our game’s player behaviours, we can have a variety of different styles, which means that we can offer even more gameplay variety to our fans than ever before.”

“We’ve taken a look at how the best footballers


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Full-motion video showcasing your skills. The game engine uses player performances to create authentic-feeling challenges, with crowd and ball reactions breathing life into every action, from sprints to goal shots.
  • Over 600 real-life player animations. Outstanding real-world animations capture the athleticism of the players, while new animation sequences allow players to adapt their on-the-ball movements to leverage the skills of teammates.
  • Animated crowd and ball physics. A next-gen animation engine improves ball physics, including the ability to analyze more parameters for distinct animations. Ball physics are used to create lifelike crowds, ball behaviours in play, and player interactions during interactions, such as fouls and challenging.
  • Authentic crowd behaviour. A deep-level real-world crowd source enables crowd behaviour, from noise and cheer reactions to fouling and mass hysteria, to reflect today’s vibrant and dynamic fan experience, as well as delivering crowd reactions that are authentic to the players that perform in stadiums around the world.
  • Player feedback. Interactions in FIFA give players an intuitive sense of the game events and actions happening around them as the players react to physical and mental fatigue, learn new skills, and face opponent pressure. This includes rewinds, replay options, and new presentation options that help the player feel like they are controlling the player on the field, in the stadium.
  • Player likeness. Utilizing the game engine’s ability to track in real-time players’ facial details and subtle movements, the developer was able to capture each player’s facial expressions and unique mannerisms over several days of movement capture sessions at various real-life football matches.
  • Designated Players. Support for managers in FIFA 22 will take you into the Designated Players section, which enables you to manage your chosen team’s core stars, for instance, a second striker to complement key stars in your squad.
  • Better-than-ever player intelligence. AI now uses knowledge about tactics and opposition, formations, and styles of play as they combine elements of a players’ strengths to create new tactical permutations and the conditions for a successful comeback. It also enables players to take a greater understanding of the opposition, as the managers now see themselves as part of the game and aim


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    How do I install the game?

    1) Move the ‘FIFA 2018’ folder to the game folder in your Steam games library.

    2) Download the game update from Origin or the EA Games website.

    3) Launch the game from your Steam games library.

    How do I un-install the game?

    1) Move the ‘FIFA 2018’ folder out of the game folder in your Steam games library.

    2) Launch the game from your Steam games library, and then, in the launcher, select “File” > “Quit”.

    3) Your game will shut down.

    Can I use the game while I have the disc version of the game?

    Yes. If you have purchased the disc version of FIFA 2018 on Steam, you can still use FIFA 2018 while logged into your EA account on the Origin store and on the game disc, but you will not have access to any of the game content and features like the game-changer Live Experience, the updated My Player and FIFA Ultimate Team modes, or online multiplayer.

    How do I update from the disc?

    1) Move the ‘FIFA 2018’ folder into the game folder in your Steam games library.

    2) Launch the game from your Steam games library.

    3) In the launcher, select “File” > “Quit”.

    4) Your game will shut down.

    What is Live Experience?

    Live Experience gives you access to features and content only available online.

    What are the My Player features?

    My Player is where you can manage personal and team settings, browse your online MyClub, and update your virtual and real life kit.

    What are the Ultimate Team features?

    FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the chance to build and manage your very own Ultimate Team to compete


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    More Ways to Play

    New Pro Clubs – Now owners of the Premier League, Bundesliga, and Primera Division can manage their team using clubs created through FIFA Ultimate Team and the most authentic club environments to date.

    Champions League – Challenge for the trophy in the Champions League. Play on all the legendary European stadia, and compete against other managers for prestigious titles such as: Champion of Europe, Champions Cup, Europa League, Continental Cup, Club World Cup, and more.

    Concacaf World Cup – The largest international soccer event in the world is now playable with all new stadiums and official World Cup venues. See the history and tradition of the sport unfold in front of your eyes before the final match is played.


    Take on the role of the FIFA Ultimate Team™ Manager as the owner of a pro football team. Set up your team and compete online, with real-world teams, in daily, weekly, monthly, and annual challenges. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your team to glory.

    You will have direct control of the playing style of your team, and be able to manage a mix of youth and experience that you build from game to game. You will have the opportunity to oversee pre-season training, communication with your players and fans, player acquisitions, recruitment, transfers, and contract negotiations, as well as conduct daily games and match-day tactics. All clubs in your squad will experience a range of unique player stories that will unfold throughout your career.

    New Players

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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