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The game also features a variety of gameplay modes, including:

FIFA Ultimate Team, where players will earn packs of players and new kits by playing matches and winning coins. With the addition of virtual cards in FIFA Ultimate Team, players can now use “Promotion Packs” and “Club Packs” to help unlock the player they want to use for their Ultimate Team.

A newly-added Draft Mode (inspired by real-life “Chickens” drafts that are held in most football leagues) will enable players to build their own teams from the players that are in the game, both in their position and club teams. This mode will give players the opportunity to build a squad from players found in the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team will also play a greater role in Rivals. In what is going to be a unique feature in this mode, teams will have opportunities to win exclusive FIFA Points when they win in a Draft or in FUT Draft Matches.

Features like Ultimate Team Challenges and Squad Battles will also be more relevant for in-game progression, as they will focus on winning by completing tasks, rather than by regular matches. For players who prefer coaching, new Coach Training Mode will provide players with the opportunity to build their own team from scratch and to train players.

The 2017-18 FIFA World Cup is set to run from June 14-July 15, with teams from across the globe competing to emerge as world champions. The game is set for release on Sept. 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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Features Key:

    • Improve and customize your team in match day: Be the best in FIFA either as a manager or a player.
    • Return of Goalland class: Dive behind the defense to score past a tight goalkeeper
    • Live World Cup in Brazil this summer: Your team will tackle the competitions of the 2014 World Cup.
    • The Pirlo Connection: Your player is featured in a new, stylized headgear.
    • Mix and Match in Career Mode: Compete in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa League 2.
    • Featuring all 22 actual world-class footballers in Career Mode: FIFA 21 introduced a revolutionary new Read – REPLAY feature that allows players to review previous matches as – for a downloadable authentic experience, face off with the FIFA World Cup champion in FIFA 22.
    • Play Better, Compete Smarter: Introducing new Play – REPLAY timing, allowing players to instantly view the most important moments after a goal, save or tackle to find out where they went wrong.
    • Building on FIFA World Cup Moments you Know – Individually customized match day highlights are now displayed during gameplay.
    • Reach new heights in Career Mode: Play your way forward through the full Career Mode, with new strengths and abilities that make FIFA the ultimate career mode.

• Be the best manager on the pitch: Plan your play, run the shows at the highest level – and in FM, the ultimate reflection of the sport.

ASAP Games

    • Scoring on goal is back to see just how close FIFA 21’s scoring will be to the previous version

• Online play with friends is back, plus AI opponents

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FIFA is the world’s No.1 videogame, a football/soccer franchise. In FIFA every club, player and match is brought to life in stunning detail, with unique personalities and characteristics that bring the world of football to life.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Jump straight into action with all-new fantasy gameplay for FIFA Ultimate Team. You can now develop and unleash new tactics, line-ups, kits and stadiums as you progress.

FIFA Personal MyClub

MyClub is your platform for your very own fantasy football team. Build your team, buy and sell players, sign them to your own contract, and prepare them for the biggest games in world football.

FIFA The Journey

FIFA The Journey is the most authentic Football experience available. Begin your journey in Brazil and travel around the world to play the famous clubs in authentic stadiums.

New Introductory Moments

Introducing new off the ball interactive moments and physics. Experience a new level of fluidity in gameplay.

New Pre-Match Moments

4 in-game coaches and 5 in-match scenarios take the action to a whole new level. Experience new challenges, from opening the match with a goal scramble to scoring the winner in injury time.

New Moments with Friends

Take part in the most popular and entertaining new feature in the franchise. Play online in groups of up to 20 against your friends in a number of different and free to play modes.

New Multiplayer Tournaments

Play in more than 60 tournaments and go head-to-head in ranked and open tournament online head to head matches.

Selected Team Updates

Dynamic Tactical Team Management. Improve your team’s performance over the course of a season by utilizing AI-based tactics and build the squad you want.


Players who do well in an EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Team™ card can be showcased in a new and innovative video highlight show, the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Showcase.

FIFA Rivals

Test your skills in FIFA Rivals, an online tournament-style version of FIFA Ultimate Team™. Compete for an epic prize in the largest tournament to date.

FIFA Ultimate Team Pro Clubs

Top clubs from the likes of Barcelona, A.C. Milan, and Juventus are all available in the FIFA Ultimate Team Pro Clubs. Each club contains unique challenges, rewards and challenges


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With the expansion of Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, you have more control and flexibility to build the ultimate team of Real Players and continue your Pro’s journey with new and improved cards that help you create more powerful combinations.

FIFA Street – New to FIFA 22, FIFA Street brings the authentic atmosphere and approachable controls of the franchise to the pitch. Now, you can use the popular mini-games found in FIFA Street to create and control the game’s action on the field in your own unique style. Live out your dreams as a manager in traditional FIFA Street gameplay or challenge your friends to beat your high scores in the immersive online multiplayer experience.

FUT Champions – Whether you’re a manager or a player, FIFA 22 introduces FUT Champions, a new separate and deep game mode that immerses you in the action by delivering more gameplay, more player card progression, and a deeper online experience.

FIFA Mobile – Challenge your friends online, pick up-and-play, or create your own scenarios in the new FIFA Mobile game. The game now has live gameplay in 1080p, come try it for yourself.

MASTERY MODE – MLS Masterclass – In the new MLS Masterclass game mode, you’ll lead the New York Red Bulls or FC Barcelona to victory in live matches. As the manager, you’ll take full control of your team in every area of the game and shape the action in real time by calling the plays and making substitutions.

MLS – Momentum Season – This year’s Momentum Season game mode finds MLS players from two different teams taking their team in different directions as they compete to win a single match. The first team to score three goals wins the match.

EXPERIENCE U -NEW – Experience the Ultimate Soccer Simulator for the first time, with the introduction of Experience Points. Earn Experience Points by demonstrating your skills in single player matches and Mastermind Challenges. When you’ve earned enough, you can use these Experience Points to customize your Pro, with new Pro kits and customization options, and you can even unlock FUT cards and other FIFA content to equip your Pro.

FIRA Matchday – Celebrate the return of FIFA’s FIFA Matchday soccer. This new game mode will feature authentic action from around the world, including Real Madrid vs. Club Atletico de Madrid, with live broadcasts from around the globe.



What’s new:

  • A new story mode, Career, including a Player Career mode that lets you play in each of your clubs at the same time as your Manager Career mode.
  • FIFA 22 introduces Hyper Motion Technology, a physics engine that lets the ball behave in a realistic way – it now kicks, slides and bounces in a way that you’ve never experienced before, opening up a wide array of possibilities in gameplay.
  • Air passing has never been easier, with the ability to now use the gamepad during shooting and near post passing.
  • FIFA 22 also introduces a new ball physics system.
  • New kits, stadiums, goalkeepers, and new filters and visuals for ultimate customization.


  • One new ball physics system lets the ball perform in ways never before possible, with different effects including “bouncy slipstreaming” that takes the ball in strange new directions. And it lets you change the direction a ball bounces off the ground simply by pressing on the ball as it’s about to hit the ground – in FIFA 22, balls bounce and slide in a variety of different ways that creates unrivaled play dynamics.
  • We’ve completely overhauled our animations, including the goalkeepers using new artificial intelligence that reacts to shots and players, showing exactly the right reactions at the right times.
  • FIFA 22’s Physically Based Normal Matchday Weather also brings a tangible, realistic feel to the atmosphere of your matches. Weather effects like heavy rain and fog lift the mood, while humidity can really slow down play.
  • The execution of attacks has been improved, with new strike and pass animations that bring a new level of timing to your finishing moves. And we’ve also worked closely with real-world sports scientists to improve the player’s recovery from injuries – in particular, more aggressive recoveries from tackles and more intense recoveries from headers.


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FIFA is one of the best sports game series of all time. It has seen countless awards, fans and changes throughout the years, and is one of the most well-known sports franchises around. There are a total of four FIFA games released each year, each one based on a specific year from the calendar. This year’s version is the FIFA 22, following a launch in September 2017.

This year’s version for PC, PS4 and Xbox is a standalone as the first, as well as being featured in the recent FIFA 18 and for future PS4, Xbox and PC. This particular version can be purchased on any of the platforms at a reduced price.


Football is a topic that requires a great deal of passion, and the FIFA franchise has become a true part of that passion. There is no doubt that the game will be welcomed with open arms regardless of your tastes.

Whether you like it or not, football is a sporting sport enjoyed all around the world.

It is characterized by a lot of goals and no goals, and requires a great deal of skill in order to be played and enjoyed by as many people as possible. The FIFA franchise has become the perfect place to have a footballing or soccer fan’s dream come true, in a digital form that doesn’t require you to pull your hair out in the real world.

You’ll often find that the lives of the players and the stadium itself are actually more important than the match itself. The reality isn’t always as convenient as the unreal world in the game, so having a football game that is as close to the real thing as possible is a big plus.

So, with the FIFA franchise being so close to real life, there has been some serious advancement in recent years.

EA has set out to get closer to the real deal and wants to “raise the bar” in order to give fans a more complete gameplay experience, while simultaneously keeping them immersed in the football atmosphere.

What is PlayStation 4?

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most powerful video game consoles in the world, and is known to offer the best value for money. This is a newer console and sometimes known as the PS4 Slim or as the PS4 Pro.

This is a newer version of the console with a few advanced features. The console contains a full processing unit and 8GB RAM, giving you a lot of


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Unrar the Crack files / Game folder, after installing no need to “move files to the game folder”, ico files and dll files are placed inside the executable.
  • Open the game.exe using any unarchiver and launch the game from there.
  • Enjoy it.,


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit/Windows 7 64bit/Windows Vista 64bit/Windows XP 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD equivalent (Available on launch)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD equivalent (Available on launch)
Storage: 15 GB available hard drive space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (Available on launch)
Additional Notes:
DOA5 supports Windows 8.1 with the Windows Store.




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