This functionality adds a new player skills mode, which provides players with an entirely new way to play soccer, and provides the team-building experience that players have come to love in FIFA. This mode includes the ability to set up and customize your team using player archetypes – from scouting to tactics.

Additional details are shared in this video presentation:

“HyperMotion Technology” delivers a more dynamic gameplay experience and will allow players to be more creative within your own team in creating new tactics and play styles.

FIFA Football 20 delivered on a new “Rivalry” match-up system, and is the first game to create gameplay that builds around competitions, leagues and tournaments. FIFA 22 builds on the “Rivalry” system and introduces “World Cups,” a feature that brings the excitement and energy of a World Cup into the player-driven, real-world game.

The new “World Cups” feature is available only in the additional FIFA 22 “Ultimate Team” experience.

FIFA is the world’s leading sports gaming franchise. More than 100 million players worldwide enjoy the franchise, and more than 1.5 billion matches have been played. FIFA 22 will be available as FIFA 22 Standard Edition on the PlayStation 4 system, the Xbox One system and Windows PC.

Additional details on FIFA 22, including “Ultimate Team,” game modes and new features are shared in this new gameplay presentation:

Global Stage

New tournament experience where a global stage is created, where you can join a league and compete in the European Championship, the World Cup, the Confederations Cup and the Pan American Games.

Play in competitions with your favorite teams and players in an authentic experience. Attracting players and fans, create your own squad and create a path to climb through the leagues and tournaments.


This new gameplay mode is based on competition. Choose your favorite teams and players and compete against your rivals in an “all-vs-all” experience, where if your team is knocked out of the competition, you’ll also be eliminated.

Game Modes

“World Tours” – This new game mode will provide a first-of-its-kind challenge. Create your own team, embark on a tour, compete against your rivals, and challenge yourself to see how far you can rise through FIFA’s championship series.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • AUE – The best and most realistic licensed engine ever seen on a Football Manager game.
  • New Tactical Defending System, Hyper-Carving, Magic Goal System, Carousel, and more
  • Create and control over 200 FIFA Ultimate Team managers
  • New features for the tournament experience, including a new 4-team Playoff tournament mode with additional tournaments over the course of a season
  • Expanded Presentation Team. FIFA 22 will feature a reworked presentation system with actors delivering in-game news pieces and commentary throughout matches. AI reporters and a news ticker will cover upcoming fixtures and player performances, with improved accuracy over real AI reporters in Presentation Mode.
  • New Gameplay Engine with changes to its artificial intelligence and tactics. Interference from goalkeepers and offside traps has been removed – players work together rather than against each other in an attempt to win.
  • Conducted the biggest FUT Transfer Market in franchise history, with 1,200+ player permutations.
  • Gigantic roster updates to bring new players, formations and tactics to the world of FIFA.
  • Record movement markers in the presentation player roster.
  • Two new penalty moments: Taker’s Trap and Penalty Shootout. The former sees penalty takers trap the ball with their teammate, allowing free kicks to be taken in their position – facing the goal where they trapped the ball. The latter is a penalty shoot-out, where players battle it out over a series of spot kicks to score the winning penalty.


Fifa 22 Activation Free

FIFA is the world’s biggest, most-played and best-loved soccer franchise and the most

AAA game developer. 1 player. 1 ball.

FIFA, the FIFA logo, the FIFA Football logo and FIFA 21 are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

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– High definition content can be obtained from PlayStation®4 games if your computer meets the system requirements. For additional information about PlayStation®4 system requirements, please refer to

– Supported controllers include the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with HD rumble, PlayStation®4 wireless controller and PlayStation®3 wireless controller.


Play cooperatively with your friends over Xbox Live or PlayStation Network in a range of exciting new social modes – all of which can be played offline.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 features a new and exciting arsenal of shooting and control tactics, including:

– New ATTACK:- Control the ball with one touch, create chances and finish with a new shooting technique

– New CONTROL:- Trigger the run of a teammate, slip behind the defense and lift the ball over the wall

– New INTERCEPTS:- Tackle the ball with smarter techniques, chase down loose balls and defend on the break

– New COSTUMES:- Dash onto the pitch, don your pads and switch between characters in-game

– New DEFENDERS:- Coordinate defense from anywhere on the pitch

– New CREATIVE MINUTES:- Connect to the game before kickoff and drive intelligent moments onto the pitch

– New TRENDS- Create your own trends by choosing a player, picking a play and then earning points

– New CARRIERS:- Showboat and lead by example from the wing or midfield


– FIFA 20 features 6 official clubs plus 18 new national teams

– New national teams include UEFA World Football Crazy and UEFA Euro 2016

– Official World cup host nation France receives a new team and fixture list

– New opponents include Spain, Portugal and Germany

– New clubs include Internazionale


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Take on a new journey in the next evolution of the FIFA franchise. With the new gameplay engine, new weapons, and a new take on Ultimate Team, FIFA Ultimate Team makes an appearance. The revamped UI and additional customization options deliver a new way to play, as well as higher resolution 2K graphics and several gameplay improvements.

The new Pro Clubs in FIFA Ultimate Team are also available to purchase in packs including Gold Packs, Gold Packs featuring bonus items, and the brand-new Coins Pack.

The first-person shooter genre was introduced into mainstream culture thanks to the Madden NFL games, in turn creating a demand for more realistic, authentic, football-based football video games. Players of such games will have the same control of a point of view as the football players, hence the ease of control of the controls. The F-1 movement, the slickness of using the stick, the control of the ball, and the shooting were all taken into consideration to design the controls.

Game modes

Career Mode
Available in the following modes:

Premium: Design your player’s career, earning experience as a player, leveling up, and progressing in the game. The detailed roster gives you the opportunity to choose two nationalities and move freely between clubs and leagues. The 16-year product cycle means you can progress your player’s career through all seasons, making each year your own.

Premier: Design your player’s career as a Manager, earning experience in the Pro Skills Manager, leveling up, and progressing in the game.

MyClub: Create your club and manage it as you like. Start with a few players and add your own, giving you the chance to customize everything from your stadium to your players’ kits. Create your own league, invite your friends to join your club, and play in your favourite league with more than 18,000 clubs already in FIFA Club World Cups.

Online Seasons: Play in a series of online seasons with FIFA partners, compete in additional Cups, and earn virtual rewards such as coins and players.

Play Now: Play a quick game with your friends on a customized online FIFA server.

PlayStation 4 system requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Supported by PlayStation 4 console software, running on PlayStation 4 computer hardware

CPU: 1.6 GHz or equivalent

Memory: 2 GB RAM

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB

Hard Drive: 8 GB free space

Internet: Broadband


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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