Epubor EBook Converter 6.0.7 Crack [Latest 2022]

Epubor eBook Converter can help you convert ebooks to epub, cbz, rar, cbr, mobi, epub, cbz, rar, cbr, mobi, pdf, vob, txt, chm, php, xml, html, rtf, odt, uee, ppt and more, which can be read on ereader, phone or many other media player and smartphones.
Key Features:
1. All major epub eBook formats are supported, including.cbr,.cbz,.epub,.zepub,.mobipocket,.mupdf,.fop,.pdf,.qpdf,.tdf,.epub3,.plz,.chm,.chm2.
2. iPod touch and iPhone eBook supported.
3. Save epub.epub, cbz.cbz, mobi.mobi, PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT etc. format.
4. Support common image formats like.png,.bmp,.jpeg,.jpg,.gif,.tiff.
5. Output samples are available for you to test conversion.
6. Conversion speed and quality can be tuned up or down for all formats.
7. All major image, video, audio codecs are supported.
8. Converts videos and eBooks to iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Samsung, HP, Android, LG, BlackBerry, Palm, Archos, PocketPC, SonyEricsson, Apple, MS and Palm operating systems.
9. Convert videos to various videos and convert ebooks to epub, cbz, rar,.zip, rtf, html, csv, php, xml etc.
10. Cut scenes, titles, table of contents and chapters of books can be imported.
11. All the output videos, ebooks and audio files are compatible with most ereaders, smartphones, tablets, computers, MP3 players, DVD players, set-top boxes, NAS devices, routers, etc.
12. All the results can be saved in multiple formats, like.epub,.mobi,.html,.html.zip,.txt,.rtf,.xml.
13. Supports all the most common ereader for Android, iOS, Kindle, Nook, Samsung, Sony, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,

Epubor EBook Converter 6.0.7 Crack + [32|64bit]

This is the most common tool for a person who wants to read books on the web, convert Ebooks to PDF, and protect books from copied. However, this eBook converter also has other functions such as quickly find out the friends/followers on social network site with its “Connect to Facebook” feature, improve PDF documents, hide, encrypt and decrypt PDF documents, extract and insert images from PDF documents, etc.
Epubor eBook Converter Torrent Download Key Features:
1. Easily convert hundreds of eBooks to pdf format
Epubor eBook Converter Crack Keygen easily converts hundreds of eBooks to pdf format, such as facebook ebooks, eme Kindle ebooks, nook ebooks and other eBooks.
2. Quickly search in social network
Epubor eBook Converter Free Download is very easy to search in social network, such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+, Baidu, Sina, QQ, Weibo, Douban, etc.
3. Easily find out the friends/followers from social network
Epubor eBook Converter Torrent Download can find the friends and followers from any social network site like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+, Baidu, Sina, QQ, Weibo, Douban, etc.
4. Easily search friends/followers from twitter and Facebook directly
Epubor eBook Converter can find the friends/followers from Twitter and Facebook directly.
5. Fine tune text, image, layout with user-friendly interface
Epubor eBook Converter can fine tune text, image, layout with user-friendly interface.
6. Easily identify the original book or eBook with the cover page
Epubor eBook Converter can identify the original book or eBook with the cover page.
7. Hide PDF Bookmarks
Epubor eBook Converter can hide the PDF Bookmarks.
8. Boost Pdf
Epubor eBook Converter can boost the Pdf documents, so users can read Pdf documents more easily.
9. Easily search Pdf Books
Epubor eBook Converter can search Pdf Books conveniently.
10. Powerful Extract the Images of Pdf Books
Epubor eBook Converter can easily extract the images of Pdf Books.
11. Preview Pdf Text and Links in the Pdf Book
Epubor eBook Converter can preview the Pdf Text and Links in the Pdf Book.
12. Easily convert Pdf Documents to Word

Epubor EBook Converter 6.0.7 Crack + Download

The best ebook to EPUB converter to turn your ebooks to EPUB books on Mac and Windows computer. This EPUB eBook converter can make PDF to EPUB conversion. EPUB eBook for iphone and ipad.The output quality is really good to read on iphone and ipad.
You can download the free trial to see all the features of the free ebook converter.After the free trial,you can buy the full version to use all the features
Main Features:
1.Convert PDF to EPUB:
The epub converter is able to convert any kind of file formats, such as DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, PPT, etc. to the supported ebooks for iphone and ipad.
2.Create EPUB from EPUB:
You can directly export a single file from the main window. You can also select multiple files to convert them into EPUB together.
3.Enclose Images:
Any image file (e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIF) can be embedded into an EPUB page. All you have to do is to select the image file to be used and click the “Add Images” button.
4.Create MOBI EPUB:
It is compatible with MOBI and PDF formats for iphone and ipad.
5.Create EPUB from different sources:
The epub converter can not only create EPUB from a downloaded file, but can also convert EPUB files from other providers.
Supported formats:
How to convert ePub to PDF:
File > Open Supported File > Click “OK” > You will be see the metadata of this file. > Save the metadata to EPUB to Txt > Compress the file to zip file > Convert ePub to PDF: File > Get rid of other files > Select EPUB to Txt
6.Highlight images of any text:
You can highlight an image of any text directly in the main window of the epub converter.
7.Support the latest epub specifications:
Support the latest epub specification: HTML 5, CSS3, JS.
8.Complete Reference

What’s New In?

Are you looking for a powerful yet user-friendly eBook converter? Epubor eBook Converter is exactly what you are looking for.
Epubor is designed for converting all types of eBooks to popular formats, including EPUB, AZW, MOBI, CHM, TXT and HTML. So in this way, you can get a kind of eReader, as well as read eBooks with favorite eReader applications. It offers a variety of output formats to meet different needs.
In addition, Epubor eBook Converter can help you to convert eBooks to a single page with ePUB format, to single page with HTML format and to single page with TXT format, which can help you to make eBooks more user-friendly.
More what’s more, Epubor eBook Converter can help you to create own eBooks with documents, images, videos and so on.
1. Convert eBooks to HTML, AZW, MOBI, EPUB, CHM, TXT, RTF and PDF format;
2. Edit pages or chapters of the eBook;
3. Support multiple encoding formats;
4. Add watermark, protected eBook and many other features;
5. Choose page style, adjust the page effect, as well as customize the layout of the pages;
6. Set page size, set page scaling and page numbering;
7. Convenient and free operation.
Well, is it an easy-to-use eBook converter?
How to convert eBooks to other eBook formats?
1. Choose the output format;
2. Select the source eBook;
3. Select the output eBook;
4. Start conversion!
What’s more, Epubor eBook Converter can help you to create own eBooks with documents, images, videos and so on.
– Abbreviation: ePub.
– Supported output eBook formats: EPUB (v3), AZW, MOBI, CHM, TXT, PDF and HTML (by creating website).
– Supported source ebook formats: DOCX, DOC, Txt, Pdf, Html, Rtf.
– You can create your own eBooks with documents, images, videos and so on.
– You can easily and efficiently convert eBooks to HTML, AZW, MOBI, EPUB, CHM, TXT, RTF and PDF format.
– You can


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later (no Mac OS X version is supported in Mac OS X 10.4)
1GHz or faster processor
2 GB of system memory (4 GB recommended)
300 MB free hard drive space
Broadband Internet connection
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (no Windows version is supported in Windows XP)
1 GHz or faster processor
256 MB of system memory (512 MB recommended)
The following features are supported:


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