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A great game of fantasy with strong graphic and deep in-game features!
Tower Defense 2nd Empire, a fusion of tower defense genre and the RPG genre, builds the ultimate tower defense experience, while rendering itself to enthrall millions of passionate fans.

Our vision is to create a new fantasy that inspires players, while delivering superior gameplay with animation and sound art. We are committed to bringing to life the grand fantasy that is the core of the Elder Scrolls series.
* Good old-fashioned action RPG combat where you and your party member must cooperate to win!

– The Lands Between: A huge 3-D fantasy world full of exciting opportunities!

– Dynamic action and skill-based fighting!

– Thousands of different monsters to face with multiple attacks and actions.

– Various combat techniques: Focus to a specific skill to increase its power, block to protect yourself, and evade enemy attacks to survive.

– A variety of units with various combat actions.

– Stylish 3-D graphics!

– An open world of beautiful 3-D scenery and customization.

1. First of all please download this game from here:

2. Go to Settings > System Info > Storage, and check if the APK file (TowerDefense-1.0.apk) is under /storage/emulated/0/Download/. If not, just download the APK file into your Android phone and install the game with these steps.

3. Turn on USB Debugging for your Android phone if you don’t know how to do it.

4. Install any of the apps for root your Android phone or create a new Superuser account.

5. Reboot your Android phone.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • All Playable Characters:
    Vivec, Aurora, Tarnished, et cetera.

    • Map Customization:
      Rivers, lakes, ponds, forests, and mountains
      Are all available as water, and many more are planned.

    • World Customization
      Have giant dungeons and other larger-than-life challenges
      Be created and furnished by you.

    • Highly Customizable Characters:
      Character creation allows you to determine the appearance, class, race, and attributes of your character.

    • Three Classes
      Wood elf, farmer, and warrior.

    • Multiplayer (Online Party System)
      PvP battles can be played while traveling together with other characters.

    • Dynamic Map
      Travel through vast lands, see other players’ actions, and visit locations.

    • Two main Maps
      Main: Shows a wide view in the Lands Between.
      Tech Map: Shows a close-up view of a specific area.
      Learn More Here!
  • Playable Characters:
    • Vivec:
      A mysterious person who comes from another world.
      He is also known as one who comes from the future.

      • Vivec is a false god
        Who may also be a being of “infinite potential” which hovers over Gegege.
        He is still searching for “true love” and may at times turn into a “monster”.

      • Aurora:
        A beautiful wood elf.
        Horns sprouting from her back, and tiger-like cat ears are her characteristic features.

        • Aurora is a descendent of the Titania Trade Alliance
          A peace-loving spirit who became the general manager of Gegege.
          She is also a member of the Tiamat Research and Development Team

        • Tarnished:
          The best equipped of the knights who guard Gegege.
          He devotes his youth to guard the capital, and carries out a relentless fighting spirit.

          • Tarnished


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            London – Elden Ring – Elden Lords in the Lands Between

            London – Elden Ring – Elden Lords in the Lands Between

            London – Elden Ring – Elden Lords in the Lands Between

            The New FantasyActionRPG ELDEN RING game is on Steam now! A brand new fantasy action RPG on the horizon and its out now on PC and is playable for free with an “IAP” of sorts, with a steady stream of content to come as you progress.
            Link to the Steam page:

            “The Land of NostalgiaBelongs To The Past”
            In a time when magic was enthralling and powerful, two distinct forces have emerged, twisting imagination and painting reality in their grip. For this clash of wits, these magi have waged the Elder Wars. In these wars, whole empires have fallen, mountains have been leveled and billions of people have been persecuted. It is said they ask for one’s loyalty, and that there is no stronger weapon than imagination. That is why stories will triumph. These are the ElderDays.The Elden Ring.

            Rise, Tarnished, and Be Guided by Grace to Brandish the Power of the Elden Ring and Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between

            Rise, Tarnished, and Be Guided by Grace to Brandish the Power of the Elden Ring and Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between

            The New Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING | Look Around

            The New Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING | Look Around

            The New Fantasy ActionRPG ELDEN RING | Look Around

            The New FantasyActionRPG ELDEN RING |


            What’s new:

            Studio: Atlus

            System: Android & iOS (release April 2017)

            Platform: Play for Android, iOS

            Genre: RPG / F2P (Free to Play)

            Release date: April 2017

            Developer: Atlus

            Price: Free to play

            THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.The vast world in which you play isn’t littered by mountain peaks, but instead teems with a dense forest that fills the open areas. Two vast mana deposits, known as the Elden Bank and the Elden Omen, lie in the middle of the forest. The forest teems with a variety of inhabitants, who you can interact with while you are out exploring.The Action RPG has been re-imagined. Join your party and tear through dungeons, battle epic monsters, and conjure the awesome power of the Elden Tree. In Hama Magna, feast on the moment.Enjoy a new engine that enhances graphics and gameplay and deploys monster and traveling guild personalities to create a totally new fantasy Action RPG.>

            The player who chooses to play with friends may copy and save their password information through the online communication service separately from the game (e.g., Google Account, Nintendo Account, Facebook, etc.), and will be able to access the online communication service from the same account.

            1. Play requires minimum Android version 4.0 Kitkat to fully enjoy the powerful features and enjoy the game.

            2. Play convenience features are supported, however, some limited functions may not be available for all online features.

            3. The online features will be available and available fees may be charged when signed in.

            4. Loading screens may appear while logging in and downloading, please be patient.

            5. Permission to use the camera or microphone: With the permission of the user, this app uses the camera or microphone to check the length of the battery and when the feature is not available.

            6. Permission to use the location: This app utilizes the location based on the Wi-Fi information obtained from the location service provided to the wireless carrier. In the case where location information is not provided by the wireless carrier, this app utilizes the location based on the strength of the Wi


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            How To Crack:

          • Unpack the Release version with an.exe extension
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          \1. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise


          System Requirements:

          After the initial establishment of the Battlezone, the player shall have a full stock of 3 Battlezone Armor and 3 Battlezone Engines available, including Premium versions. All other Battlezone equipments, including the core equipment, has to be equipped after the establishment of the Battlezone. After the Battlezone is fully built out, it will be possible for the player to place and equip a full stock of Core Battlezone Equipment.
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